Mise en scene perfect repair serum review

I assume every woman must have heard or seen this product before unless you were living under a rock all these years – it’s the legendary serum that every korean celebrity owns and swears by. If you have hair over the length of your shoulders, you should know by now how hard it is to manage it. Not only do you have to go through the trouble of washing, blow-drying it every single day, you have to face problems of hair loss, greasy scalp, damaged hair and feeling as if you have cancer as you stare at the strands of hair littering all over the floor you just cleaned. 

This miracle product may not solve all those problems but it sure can make your hair look healthier, smoother and is perfect for those dehydrated/dry beauties.

I start with applying a pump of the product on the palm of my hand.



The product is thick like oil but smells heavenlySome people use more than one pump but for my thin, heavy, longer than shoulder-length hair it’s more than enough. One thing you have to keep in mind is to try not to drop it and be careful with the cap for the pump. It’s not sturdy at all and it easily comes off.


I dropped mine once by holding onto the cap and the bottle dropped to the floor. My pump is now slightly broken and i have to use a few pumps to be able to pump enough product. I then rub my palms together and comb through my hair using my fingers and rubbing my hair in between my palms (I hope that makes sense).



I’m sorry if the before images are a little grainy and blurry for some reason. My hair gets a little dry from the current shampoo i’m using (I’m trying to use it up and not waste it even though i found a better shampoo!) so this really helps restore that bounce to my hair. I say this works tremendously well and gives instant results!



  • bouncy and healthy hair
  • instant results
  • smells amazing
  • convenient and easy for travel


  • the cap for the pump does not stay in place

Rating: 10/10

I’d say this is overall an amazing product and makes my hair smooth like the pantene commercials or similar to the ponies in My little Pony.


You can get this product on Althea and get a RM15+RM15 discount of your first purchase!

*This product was not sponsored and was bought using my own money. Opinions are solely mine and i am not obligated to review this product in any way that will benefit the company or merchant.  


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