Aritaum Haul Review

If there’s one thing that has been a good outcome in 2016, it has got to be trying out Korean roadshop brand – Aritaum. I haven’t really gotten to know much of their products or tried them out in the past because they don’t have physical shops in my country nor do the local online shops sell Aritaum either. But after I got my paypal settled down and started venturing out to international purchases – Aritaum was the first thing I ordered right off the bat.

Comes in 4 colors! Have i mentioned i love the mosaic design?

I was first extremely keen to buy the Aritaum styling eye palette in 03 Coral Beige since Taiwanese beauty blogger HelloCatie highly recommended it! I love Catie and she’s my favorite beauty blogger – honest reviews, doesn’t find the need to brainwash viewers to buy a sponsored product, really good quality videos and talks about the good and bad etc! So the day i finally got my Paypal activated i went on ebay to find it and ordered it from iamlove-shop… later to only realize it’s Jolse Ebay account.



This particular color was sold out almost everywhere and thank my lucky stars Jolse still had this color! I think i got this for around $9.90 with free shipping. It comes with 5 extremely pretty and pigmented colors! there’s also an included dual-ended applicator.


Natural light
Artificial light

This was my first eye palette and i’m so happy with this purchase. Colors are extremely wearable for morning/daily use without looking overly exaggerated. There’s minimal fallout as well but i think using an eye primer would definitely enhance the color payoff. The first and fourth color are barely noticeable on camera but the other three colors are extremely pigmented, my favorite being the second (gold) shimmer color! They’re all glitter/shimmer colors but won’t make you look like sparkling vampires in twilight.

The next thing on my wishlist was the Aritaum ginger sugar line which was very popular and one of their best sellers! I decided to buy the lip balm for my mom and later on got the overnight mask for myself.


The next thing I got was the Aritaum ginger sugar lip balm (15ml) for my mom. I ended up sneakily using it as well because it was just such a good product and I even ordered one for myself!


It comes in a big tube worth of 15ml of product. I think i got this for around… $7.

Dry chapped lips BE GONE with this amazing non-sticky, liquid balm that hydrates like no other. This is really great for those who like liquid tints like myself but often find them way too drying and accentuates my chapped lips. Apply this before your favorite Korean tints and BAM you have instant plump and hydrated lips! I never reach out for my little tub of vaseline or my sebamed lip balm anymore because of this. The vaseline i had to dig my nails into the small tub to apply – which is a drag to me despite how much i loved the scent, the sebamed was the classic twist up tube which didn’t really work unless I held down on the bottom and twisted it up, plus the hydration didn’t last really either. With this product, my laziness and plump lips get to co-exist together in peace.

I was convinced of the wonders of Aritaum and had decided to get more products from Jolse. And with perfect timing, Jolse’s black friday sale reeled me in like lightning. I also got the BBIA last auto gel eyeliner along with the blusher (which i will talk later) and many many samples from Bae.


After trying out how amazing the lip balm was I decided to hop on the train to try out their overnight lip masksupposedly a dupe for the Laneige lip sleeping pack.


This comes in a large 25g tub with a screw on lid, cost me around… $9 during Jolse’s black friday sale. I’d say this is way much more worth it than the Laneige version, which is around $16 for 30g of product. I’m not a big fan of Laneige because of the prices so i happily bought the Aritaum without hesitation.


Behold, long-lasting hydrated and plump lips! I love using this before i sleep to wake up to those plump berry lips! I no longer have to bear the sight of chappy and crappy lips now with this product. It’s not overly sticky and stays on for a really long time. With the price and the amount of product you get, i say there shouldn’t be a reason as to not get this product. My mom loves this as well and tends to sneak into my room and use it like a boss.

The last product is something that Lotusandthesnail convinced me to get – the Aritaum Sugarball Cushion Blusher. 


This lovely lady raved about it in a post and i just couldn’t resist them! If you guys are not following her i highly suggest following her right now because she is such an amazing soul and i love her reviews!

I initially wanted to get it in 04 Peach Crush because i heard it was a dupe for Nars Orgasm Blush but decided to play safe and got 03 Daisy Coral instead.

It comes with a mirror and a super cute, small cushion puff.

Look how small it is compared to a normal puff!


There’s a plastic covering that separates the blusher from the puff to keep it sanitary and prevent more bacteria build up. Unlike usual cushion blushers, this isn’t a cushion soaked in liquid blusher – but rather a cream blusher with a puff applicator!


It’s super creamy and easy to pick up product in the pan. It’s pigmented without looking overpowering and doesn’t settle into creases either. The color looks like a mix between coral and blush pink and i think should work on most asian skin tones. Unlike cushion blushers i used before, this one applies smoothly and doesn’t disappear in 3 seconds. This stayed on for a good few hours until it gradually fades.


You can barely notice but this is how the blush looks on my cheeks. I applied it very light-handedly since I didn’t want to look like a geisha so you can’t really see on camera…. I think this is very much worth the hype and if you can find a shade you like, I think this is a great thing to have it your makeup bag. It’s small and compact, travel-friendly, pigmented and has decent staying power, plus it costs around $8 only!

This is the end of my Aritaum Review and all products were bought with my own money and it is not sponsored by Jolse nor Aritaum. I hope everyone will give these products a try and i’m looking forward to more beauty products to love in the coming year as well! Happy holidays and i hope everyone has a great Christmas Eve and a great new year to look forward to!

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