Peripera Ink velvets Review

I’m sorry if I’m late to the game because I just didn’t want to buy so many lippies when I have only one mouth… but when Hermo had a sale on this I couldn’t resist my inner monster and went on a rampage. The reviews and hype for this product were out of this world, it was ALL over youtube especially when they came out with the 5 later shades for Autumn/fall. These have 10 colors in total, first 5 are vibrant, bright summery colors, later 5 are a bit more MLBB, vampy fall shades.

I swatched these in Sasa a while back and was most intrigued by #1 Sellout red which seems like a close color to the Ink in #3 which is a very pretty red and orange mix that I love. But after weeks of watching youtube reviews, swatches, blog posts for the Ink velvets, I felt I wanted to try a little something out of my comfort zone. Which led me to get #4 Wow Pink, #5 inktude rose & #9 Love sniper red.



It says it is a long-wearing lip color with a lacquer-like finish without feeling tacky or drying, a creamy velvet texture. Other than that everything is in Korean.




It’s the same manicure like packaging as the original inks but this one has more of a sturdier, packaging for the ‘ink velvets’ design which seems to not fade as quickly as the one on the original Inks (it was an illustration of the mascots designed by a designer? for 2NE1).

Now before I go into the swatches, please keep in mind (1) I used a concealer to slightly cover up my original lip color before applying each color. Then (2)  I followed up with a lip balm because concealer makes my lips very cracky. Also, (3)  I used a lip liner to apply instead of the doe foot applicator because I wanted a more natural look without looking too pigmented. (4) I have pretty yellowish teeth from daily caffeine intake, so it doesn’t necessarily mean these lip colors will make your teeth look really yellow.

Also, hand swatches will be at the end of the post so scroll down if you want to look at that first.

#4 Wow Pink


This color seems like a very vibrant pinkish red with a warm undertone that is ideal for those going for a korean look.





I find that this color is great for those with pale skin but I personally find this an overall great color, but not something I’d wear daily. I am probably the only asian that is really afraid of pinks so I tend to reach for more reds instead. Still, this is a really pretty pink color without being too much of a hot pink or barbie pink.

#5 Inktude Rose


This is more of a toned down dusty rose MLBB color that many adored. This I think is the second most popular color, with the first being #6.



Photo 23-12-2016, 1 53 18 AM.pngI really loved this color and even talked about it on my instagram stories. It’s such a gorgeous color!

How it looks with a full face of makeup

#9 Red Sniper Red




Unlike the other two colors, this is cold toned, vampy red that looks like something Taylor S would wear. I’m warmed tone so i know this color won’t suit me greatly but wanted to see how it would look on me. I was imaging I’ve got that red lip, classic, thing that you like – a true red from what the swatches and videos online. Instead, I got something that closely resembled a fuchsia.



This was a very disappointing color, it is NOWHERE near red. It looks like a toned down fuchsia pink, how is this called love sniper red? this ain’t a vampy red color. I was even asking myself I this was the wrong color, because it sure as hell looked like the #10 oops fuchsia color.


Did i not apply enough concealer? Maybe my lips were a little pigmented from the previous colors? But it still looked way too pink for a vampy red. I even checked the bottom of the bottle, alas it still said #9. Was it a manufacturing problem? Maybe they accidently pumped in #10’s color in #9’s packaging? I can’t really say. The videos and photos online were all a very vampy red that looked gorgeous on cold toned skin.

Credits to Kt_katie on Reddit sub!

I was confused. How could it look completely different from the photos? This was the most disappointing color, putting the aside the fact that cold-toned colors don’t suit my skin tone.

Summary + Swatches

Artificial light – From L to R, #4, #5, #9
Natural light
After washing off with a cleansing oil, #9 has the best lasting power



  • Velvet finish, doesn’t feel sticky or too drying
  • large variety of colors for both warm and cold tones skin
  • Amazing staying power
  • Very pigmented
  • Affordable
  • Cute packaging with a slighty slanted doe foot applicator


  • May be drying for some
  • slightly accentuates dry patches or lines
  • May need a strong remover to completely remove tint
  • Colors are not exactly according to promotional images from Peripera

Rating: 9/10 

I say other that the fact that #9 was off, they all performed exceptionally well. Colors were very pigmented and the velvet finish was really nice! It didn’t felt too drying or settled weirdly into my lips like the original ink tints if i didn’t blend them out immediately. I say if you’re searching for a new lip product to try out, definitely pick up one of these! They’re around $10 on Jolse although I think it was slightly cheaper before.


Now that i’ve tried this – i’m already feeling itchy to try out more new lippies! *sighs* I’m currently drooling over Mamonde’s new highlight liptint glow. 

Credits to @o.reon on insta

and also my fav brand Aritaum’s satin lip lacquers

Credits to @o.reon on insta

Let me know in the comments below which one would you like to see me review next? Or if you have other lip products in mind that you’d like to see me review!

4 thoughts on “Peripera Ink velvets Review

  1. I got the #9 as an item in my ipsy bag. Had no idea what it was and NEVERRRR typically wear reds on lips because they always look weird on me. (I have neutral-cool skin but medium, not fair, so very hard to match shades) and I am obsessed. Not just with the formula, but the color is that vampy blue tone red that I always look for. The formula is amazing too because my lips are naturally large and always chapped but the velvety ness or whatever of this formula hides my Chappiness and makes them look smooth. Love this stuff. First red that looks good and goes on well.


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