Instant smooth and radiant skin? Innisfree + Cosrx + Skinfood insta famous mash up

I’m not exactly sure who started the trend first but whoever thought of mixing the three most reputable and well-known kbeauty products (Innisfree volcanic pore clay mask + Cosrx snail mucin essence + Skinfood black sugar mask) deserves a cookie. The Innisfree jeju volcanic pore clay mask is a staple in my routine to help clear out the gunk out of my pores and leave my skin feeling clean, the cosrx snail mucin essence is a cult favorite in the beauty community for its hydrating and healing properties (but I suspect it may be causing a breakout on me which I will be talking about some time later while the skinfood black sugar mask is everyone’s go to for exfoliating! Combine them into one and you have your favorite wash off mask with only 1/3 of the effort and time.



So first you need a handy spatula and a bowl. I used the Annie’s way jelly mask spatula and because I didn’t have a small bowl I ended up just using the lid of a container. I don’t remember exactly the ratio that most people use but I just end up eyeballing most of them lmao. I use 1:2:1 –  1 (Skinfood): 2 (Innisfree) : 1 (Cosrx) ratio but if you want a more thicker consistency (ideal for oily skin) use more of the Innisfree clay mask, if you want a more watery consistency (ideal for dry skin) use more of the cosrx snail essence.

Mix all of the products together and you get a more watery/slimy version of the Innisfree clay mask.

You’ll get some lumps in the mixture but that’s okay. It should spread out easier than just using the innsifree clay mask alone. You’ll also be able to see the skinfood black sugar clumps as well.


Leave it on for about 15 minutes or until it dries to touch then wash it off! Simple as that. Now let’s look at some before photos of my skin condition.

The humid weather was so hot and it felt like all my pores were clogged, filled with dirt and it felt super itchy. It’s pretty common for my face to feel like that and it feels really rough and dull as well. But after using this mask….


Putting the lighting differences aside, I can most definitely see my face was slightly brightened, felt cleaner, and smooth! It’s exfoliating, clearing out the gunk out of my pores without being overly stripping all in one! 


Sure you could use all of these products alone but using them all at once is multitasking like a pro and time-saving for those who never have time for a 10 step skincare routine. I love using this quick fix for days where I’m busy but my face wants to throw a tantrum and ruin my life. if you want a quick fix wash off mask then this is most definitely something you could try – and of course it’s not just limited to these 3 products. You could replace the Cosrx snail mucin essence with any thick moisturizer – like Benton snail bee high content essence or the Scinic honey AIO (Which is also a popular option for this mask on instagram)! You could replace the Innisfree jeju clay mask with the I’m From Volcanic mask! You could even use the other versions of the exfoliants from Skinfood as well. Of course, there might be different results and a bad chemical reaction so do remember to patch test and avoid throwing 10 products into one bowl because it’s fun. A lot of people say that you really shouldn’t mix products together because it might cause a chemical reaction but these 3 products seem to work well together on my skin.

6 thoughts on “Instant smooth and radiant skin? Innisfree + Cosrx + Skinfood insta famous mash up

  1. Hmmmm this is interesting. I have both the Skinfood Black Sugar Wash Off Mask and the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask. Too bad I don’t have the Cosrx one so I can try this technique too. Haha. However, I might purchase one soon and try this mashup? Who knows! Haha


    1. you can use any thick moisturizer/serum/essence in replace of the Cosrx snail essence! it’s all about going with products you like and know would work best on your skin! The cosrx snail essence might be giving me some closed comedones tho so i haven’t used it in a while but the reviews out there are all the rage! I suggest you could try it if you like thick hydrating essences and don’t live in humid weather 🙂

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  2. Wow I actually have all three of these products and never thought to mix them together! I am SO going to try that out! Thank you for the post! I’ve written a post about the Cosrx’s Snail mucin essence too and would love to hear your suggestion/advice! Visit any time! 🙂


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