Bifesta HG eye makeup remover + cleansing lotion review


Ever hate the feeling of stinging in your eyes when you try to remove your eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara? Or the feeling that after double cleansing your face still feels like it’s not clean and has makeup residue on? Fear not as Bifesta from Japan is here to solve your problems – best thing is all of this didn’t cost me more than RM50/SGD15/USD11 @Watsons.

Bifesta Cleansing lotion – sebum

The cleansing lotion is in a 300ml pump bottle and has 5 different versions.

From left: Enrich (Dry skin), Moist (Normal to Dry skin), Brightup (Combination skin), Sebum (oily skin) and Acne (Bottom)

I managed to get a special promotion set of the Sebum cleansing lotion along with a small sample of my beloved HG eye makeup remover.




Here it is in all of it’s repackaged english instructions glory. Now to peel it off.


You’re now left with the original Japanese packaging. They’re all transparent and have a water-like consistency of micellar waters. For a large 300ml bottle I say this is a very good deal similar to the Garnier micellar water which comes in a 400ml bottle. I have actually tried at least 3 out of 5 of the different versions and I must say the only difference is the packaging lol. They all pretty much work the same and only have slight differences in ingredients.

If I’m wearing light makeup (A little concealer under my eyes and around my lips and some eyebrow powder) I’ll just pump it onto a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face. If i’m wearing heavy makeup (With bb cream, eye makeup) I’ll use a cleansing oil then only wipe my face with the cleansing water after that. This helps to ensure all my makeup is removed even if my cleansing oil didn’t do a good job at it. The thing about micellar waters it that you don’t need to rinse your face after using it so one less step for a lazy person like me!

However, i only recommend using this if you wear light makeup. If you wear a bb cushion/ cream and put on highlighter/blusher this will definitely not be enough to remove all your makeup. Use a cleansing balm like the Heimish All Clean Balm or Cleansing oils like Kose softymo speedy cleansing oil as the first step of removing makeup. Then follow up with either a bubble cleanser like my fav HG Hadalabo Gokyujun Cleansing foam or to keep things simple use this instead!


  • cheap
  • great for value
  • big bottle that will last for at least 3 months of daily use
  • does its job of removing lightweight makeup


  • Pump tends to spurt out product at a weird angle
  • Not a multitasking product – will need something else to remove eye/lip as well as heavy base makeup

Rating: 8/10 I will repurchase until i find better alternatives

Bifesta eye makeup remover


This is a small bottle of 145ml of product and is a dual-phase/biphase makeup remover. Biphase is there are two layers of product – an emollient and water layer. With biphase removers it is always important to shake first before using.

I first apply this directly onto a cotton pad and leave on my eye for about 10-15 seconds.


Look at all that thick mascara, eyeliner and bb cream. All removed in 15 seconds and the best thing is it doesn’t sting at all unlike the famed The Body Shop Camomile Gentle i-will-burn-your-eyes-and-soul eye makeup remover. Not convinced yet? Here’s a swatch of it on my arm with the eyeshadow quad from Aritaum.


with one swipe of the bifesta eye makeup remover on the left half of it




  • doesn’t sting at all
  • cheap af
  • removes hardcore makeup like butter
  • especially mascara!


  • probably would have liked it if it came in a larger bottle that way I don’t have to keep repurchasing it

Rating: 10/10 Holy Grail eternal repurchase!

I hope you liked the review and if you’re in the market for affordable makeup removers definitely pick up bifesta to try out! I’m sorry for being really MIA lately because of college but i’m trying to squeeze in more blog posts this month to make it up! Stay tuned and remember to subsribe because i have a whole lot of exciting posts coming up!


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