Etude House Tint My Brows Gel VS Yadah Quick Tattoo Brow Gel Review


Back in early 2016 the internet and abcommunity were filled with pure excitement over the much innovate Etude house Tint My Brows Gel. A gel that could tint your eyebrows for days? Everyone was sold and there were even major shortages of the product at Etude house for months. If by any chance you live under a rock like Patrick – you should probably know these peel off gel tints are like the Berrisom Lip Tint Pack except for eyebrows. Celebrities and beauty bloggers went wild for it last year – including Michelle Phan.


Now I got this product back in May last year and have used it a handful times. So why the super late review? Because I hated the product and didn’t want to talk about it at all – but then BBcosmetic sent me the Yadah quick tattoo brow gel for me to review so I thought why not compare them both since Etude is the original after all. At the end of the review I will also be sharing with you guys a discount code to use so do check it out!

Etude house tint my brows gel – 01 Brown

With the first swipe of the product you can already tell that it’s not applying smoothly – and took a few layers to get it down. photo-18-12-2016-1-48-43-am

Behold, the main reason why I hated the product. Look at all that goo on the wand and the bristles falling off like my hair on Exam Week. Dried up black, thick goo stayed on the top and bottom of the wand and of course the cap of the opening as well. Very unpleasant.


Look at that super long brush hair that decided to come off as i tried applying it. and the huge mess of course.

This is me after applying the product. My eyebrows are slightly arched which make it harder to draw so I always use cotton buds and some water to fix the shape. If you’re still new to the whole eyebrow business, you can outline your brows first before applying the product by using an eyebrow pencil. After getting a good 6 hour sleep, I used tweezers to peel the product from the end to the start of my brows. You could just use your fingers as well.


Voila – filled in eyebrows! It looks natural and has the shape I want, not too bold or too nothing. I liked the tint and how presentable I looked without the hassle of drawing my eyebrows. Now the most important part: having it in contact with water immediately after peeling. I had to take a shower after peeling it off (but in most cases I have to cleanse my face immediately – NO I don’t have time to just sit there for 10 minutes doing nothing).

Obviously, the tint faded after it gets into contact with water immediately and there’s less of a stain now. On the bright side, it still has some tint to it.



  • Natural tint
  • Does not look too bold


  • Product keeps sticking and drying on the wand and cap
  • Wand is too long and hard to control application of product
  • Hairs keep coming off
  • Too much effort
  • Tint immediately melts when in contact with water after peeling

No, I just didn’t want to spend hours of my life trying to clean the mess it created for a slightly tinted brow. Nope.

Yadah Quick Tattoo Brow Gel – 03 Ash Brown


Sleek black packaging and a more cheerful design than the Etude.



On the left is with just one swipe of the wand. Perfect, smooth and even application. I was genuinely impressed. On the right is with another layer. Fast forward to the next morning which i peeled it off:


Pigmented, even and harsh looking tint was left behind. Good news: Definitely way more pigmented than the etude version.

Here’s some comparison photos of the Yadah quick tattoo brow gel to the Etude version.

L: Yadah    R: Etude
L: Yadah   R: Etude

Obviously with the Yadah having a shorter wand and a smaller opening it is a whole lot easier to control how much product to use. BBcosmetic also sent me Yadah’s self-drawing brow guide along with the brow gel as well. It comes as a package when you purchase the Yadah brow gel on their website.

187841841Now I wasn’t exactly sure if the brow guide stencils are for drawing your eyebrows the normal way with eyebrow pencil or its specifically for the brow gel. So I decided to just try it out using the brow gel anyway. The stencil I’m using is number 3 which is closest to my natural brow shape. Also I apologize in advance that the photos below are grainy (I totally forgot to shoot using my back camera on the Iphone instead of the front *facepalm*).


How it looks after filling in with the stencil. Very weird shape. Time for fixing.
Fix with damp cotton buds and tissue. You can tell the tint is very ashy in color.


Behold the difference between having your brows on fleek and not being born with Cara Delevingne brows. Not too bad for a super thick and bold shin-chan brow right? Application was really easy as the product applied smoothly and one layer was enough to cover the surface area unlike the etude.

finally, good quality clear photos because I actually realized I didn’t flip the camera. Was really surprised with the smooth and easy application that took really no more than 10 minutes if I wasn’t taking pictures. Now time for some beauty sleep right? I applied this past midnight on Friday night and I woke up really late like 11ish the next day.

Other than my very blurry and puffy eyes that scream *Ijustwokeupbitch* I was shocked at how dark, bold and scary my eyebrows looked after peeling. Because the Etude barely left a noticeable tint I applied the Yadah brow gel really thicker than my usual eyebrow shape and a little too close/square in between my eyebrows. I was imagining the red Angry Bird eyebrows *cries*.

Now I was really anxious for this part because I was literally hoping the water would wash off some of the tint and make it less harsh. So I went to the toilet to cleanse my face like I usually do without any waiting time in between.

Good/bad news it that the tint barely budged and it was still very harsh looking and edgy even after direct contact with water. I was laughing because i didn’t know if i was supposed to be happy or sad. After some hours passed of sweating and taking a shower, the tint did fade a little and wasn’t as harsh as it was immediately after peeling it off. I was really satisfied and surprised at the stain left behind.


Only complaint would be it does tend to look less natural and harsher than the Etude. However, as time passes it does fade and will look more natural. My theory is that maybe it’s because the 03 ash brown color is meant to be more black instead of brown which isn’t my usual color so it really made my eyebrows look really harsh.

In fact, the tint to my eyebrows was still noticeable even on Day 4 after peeling it off.


I liked the tint so much that I tried it again after a week and as you can see in the picture, the stain on my wrist had not even faded yet. I’m guessing the tint will stain better on bare skin without hair or much cleansing.



  • Very pigmented
  • Easy and smooth application
  • Long lasting tint that lasts for a minimum of 3 days
  • Around the same price point as the Etude tint


  • May be too harsh or bold immediately after peeling it off but maybe because I used the darkest color

In a nutshell, 

I really liked the Yadah quick tattoo brow gel and most definitely see myself using it more often! Whether you liked the Etude house tint my brows gel or not – I definitely urge you to try the Yadah version if you’re in the market for new things! Plus, it’s only $9 including the stencil set and free shipping on BBcosmetic! Quote ‘Z05V021R4Y641’ for a 8% discount to your cart and save yourself some extra dollars while you’re at it. Bbcosmetic also has a SNS review and get a 10% store credit event if you email them a review of your purchase on their site! (That’s like saving 18% and getting free shipping while you’re at it!) I sincerely thank BBcosmetic for offering to send me this product to review for free in exchange for an honest review – whereby no means am I obliged to give them a good review. All thoughts are 100% of my own opinion and I hope you sincerely liked the review! I hope to be posting more content this month with more reviews and special blog posts!

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