Althea Cute Box Review


Althea’s Cute box is a specially curated box that contains two things a girl needs, cuteness and trendiness! The cute box contains 8 full sized items with a very cute theme.






So let’s get right into the review!

Tony Moly Pikachu Edition mini cushion blusher (Rose Coral)



Remember when the world was so addicted to Pokemon go for like…. 3 days? Me too. I remember actually bringing my dog for a walk in the park just to catch snorlax. Good times. Although the hype around pokemons have died faster than the Flash traveling through time himself, many korean companies have picked up on the trend. This cushion blusher right here is the star of the box with Pikachu’s adorable face on top.


It also comes with a friggin Pokemon Ball cushion puff (Genius).





It looks like a warm muted coral with reddish undertones.


So it isn’t very noticeable on my cheeks and my enlarged pores. It just doesn’t look good on me… maybe the shade just isn’t suitable for me? It also fades away real quick after application but to be fair i applied on my bare face and didn’t set with any powder. It does smell like strawberry pocky though and doesn’t feel tacky either. I would probably be better off with another shade i guess.

At Fox Gyulpi sebum control pact



Beautiful packaging right off the top and it just looks immensely adorable. I imagine this is something like the innisfree no sebum pact which is convenient for touch ups on the go.


There’s also a plastic divider in between the puff and the powder which is more hygienic.


The face shop watery tint (Disney edition) Red apple




It’s a classic apple red that applies smoothly. Unlike most korean tints, this feels hydrating and doesn’t accentuate dry patches too much. I mean my lips are still really dry and patchy but it’s only visible if you literally come within 10cm from me. At an average distance, my dry patches aren’t really visible. I actually really like this and use it more often than my peripera ink tints.


Tony moly Apple hand cream


Put this in a fruit basket and i’m pretty sure no one would even notice the difference. Tony moly even have other types of ‘fruits’ like banana and green apple so get the whole set if you’re keen on pranking your family!


Not only does it look like an apple, it also smells like a real apple pie. It smells very sweet and sugary, but blends really well into the skin.

With Shyan Nail lacquer prep set




So because i don’t own any nail polish i can’t test this out just yet but it actually applies really well on my nails alone. I’m going to get some nail polish first to try out this whole set so look forward to the review in the near future for this!

but this is a really cute mini nail prep set which comes with a base, top and hardener coat! plus it’s super cute and a 4-in-1.

Abbamart Heart Puff


Heart shaped puffs for convenient blending seems like a win! I’m always guilty of being super lazy when it comes to washing my beautyblender but i’m going to try and see if this can be a good disposable substitute!

Puresmile Rainbow kiss lip patch



So this seems to be a kinda hydrogel lip patch for smooth, hydrated lips that you put on for around 10-30 minutes. I’m also really, really confused at the above picture of why the hell would there be an illustration of using it on your… nipples?


So it turns out it’s not a hydrogel but some kind of cloth material. I also can’t read japanese instructions to save my life so i left it on for around 15 minutes. My lips were kind of, slightly hydrated but not a really noticeable point. To be honest, this was kind of disappointing… and why does it have to be so big? I imagine unless you’re kylie jenner or Angelina Jolie 1/3 of the lip patch would cover up the entire lips just fine.

In a nutshell,

I was pleasantly satisfied and surprised with all the products from the box. I especially loved the TFS watery tint, the At Fox sebum control pact and the nail prep set! Plus this entire box only costs RM120 for 8 products and free shipping. I would definitely say it’s a good bargain!

Click on the link here for a RM35 or USD20 discount off your order by using my referral link! 

I’ve ordered from Althea a handful times ever since they first started the company. 2 years later, Althea is now shipping worldwide and is one of the biggest resellers in the asian beauty market. Althea has a lot of strong points like the cheapest price in the market, fast and free shipping, new and innovative curated beauty boxes and also a pretty solid social media platform that allows small bloggers like me the chance to do work with them! A big thank you to The butterfly project (Tammy and all the lovely people) and Althea Team for sending me this box in exchange for an honest review!

ps. These products were sent to me for free in exchange for an honest review and i am not obliged to give a good review and all of my thoughts and opinions here are 100% my own.


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