Taiwan beauty haul (Ryoe, MBD, Hadalabo, etc)

If you were following my instagram, you’d know I was in taiwan a couple weeks back. This is my second trip to taiwan. last year I was there for only 3 days but I went on a wild black friday rampage and my mom was not happy…. but I was lol. So this time I was determined to only get the necessary stuff. Guess what, there is nothing necessary about my haul today!

Day 1 – Guardian 康是美



  • Ryoe Hair Strengthener shampoo – 229 twd
  • My scheming – 7 days royal honey hydrating mask set x2 – 99 twd each
  • Carmex lip balm x2 – 1@99 twd, 2@49twd

The first day i was fairly restrained, only getting some of the stuff that i’ve been eyeing my entire life. The My scheming honey mask set is to die for, having trying it only once. It’s hydrating and helps reduce my redness around my cheeks, plus it was super inexpensive – usual price was 250 twd, but it was on sale for only 99 twd per pack. The only thing i hate about that mask is the packaging. Because it’s 7 sheet masks in one pack, once you open it the essence spills all over the place even though its a resealable zip lock bag. I love how good ryoe shampoos make my hair feel after a wash, and my hair is super thin and fragile so i immediately chugged this bottle off the shelf. Ryoe shampoos are kind of hard to get in general other than 3 or 4 lines available on hermo.

Day 2 – Guardian 康是美 & Xiao san 小三美日




  • Shiseido eau de carmin deluxe toner – 114 twd
  • Biore uv aqua rich watery gel sunscreen (cool version) – 259 twd
  • My beauty diary Mexico cactus & Black pearl sheet mask (8pcs per box) – 2@419 twd
  • My scheming Rose dew moisturizing mask & 7-in-1 brightening essence mask (8pcs per box) – BOGO 2@299 twd
  • Ryoe anti hairloss essence – 299 twd
  • A’pieu edge brow pencil – 109 twd

By this time i may have already lost control as i was spending my nights lingering around all the beauty shops because they were located right down the street of my hotel. I was there for so long that my brother actually managed to find me at a Guardian (even though i was actually walking around the area of ximending as we split up), laughing as he said ‘Next time i don’t have to call you because i just have to walk in to one of the beauty stores and i know for sure you’ll be there.’ lol. The main point in Taiwan is you cannot come back from your trip without a suitcase full of sheet masks. in fact, i was already regretting not getting another 4 boxes on my flight back. The my scheming sheet masks i have not tried yet (i’ve tried the others but not these yet) and they were buy 1 free 1 so why not. My beauty diary sheet masks i love very much but they can be a little pricey back home so i was excited beyond words when i got the black pearl (heard so much about this) and the mexico cactus. I would have loved to get the other versions like royal pearl, hyaluronic acid etc but i had already spent way too much money. I was in xiaosan mainly just to see and take a look at stuff but i couldn’t resist when they had the ryoe anti hairloss essence because my hair is in dire need of something to fix it. I mainly took a bunch of photos while i was there for my other blog post though.

Day 3 – Watsons 屈臣氏


  • Naruko Tea Tree acne spray for back – 299 twd
  • Naruko tea tree toner x2 – BOGO 2@349 twd
  • Hadalabo gokyujun medicated skin conditioner – 429 twd

Another thing you have to buy when visiting Taiwan? Naruko!! The taiwanese brand is affordable and effective and a huge hit in the abcommunity. I personally have used quite a few products from the brand but they don’t usually have promotions on the stuff back home. So I was excited when i walked in on the last day, prepared to not get anything because I basically surveyed all the prices the day before. Then I walked in and the salesgirl was telling me they had a less 88twd for all purchases above 488twd. What was even more better? Naruko tea tree toner was BUY 1 FREE 1. YAS. My mother and brother have been bugging me to get them a toner so i caved in and got them each. I was going to get myself one of it too since it was BOGO but i was so guilty of buying too much stuff. I even got the newly released Tea tree spray for back acne (priced at 299 instead of 500).


I was suffering from a lot of stress and fatigue at the time i was looking at the products (I had just finished my finals and i basically went on the flight 12 hours after my last paper plus i haven’t really been sleeping ever since coming to taiwan because who sleeps while travelling duh), a kind salesgirl approached me and told me to try some of the naruko products. She said i had some acne but that i wasn’t quite acne (which is always the case for me) because they weren’t pus filled. She said it could have been hormonal imbalance and told me to use ampoules and serums more. She recommended me a lot of bio-essence products but i just wasn’t really keen on getting things from the brand because the reviews weren’t too good. Don’t get me wrong she was a really nice salesgirl who kept talking to me and entertained me but i just really didn’t want to spend more money lol.

If you follow me on instagram you’d know i’ve been raving about the hadalabo gokyujun medicated skin conditioner lately because it seriously helps with my hormonal imbalance stupid face. I really like how hydrating it is on my skin and how lightweight and versatile i can use it.

So this ends my beauty haul in Taiwan but you can read my guide on what and where to buy everything beauty in Taiwan! 


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