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I’ve been a big fan of Althea ever since they first started shop. I remember back then when it was just launched it was a pretty simple website and not much publicity. The only news was word of mouth of how cheap the prices were and direct shipping! Now they’ve expanded globally and are continuing their efforts of e-commerce in the beauty industry as a top player. I decided to try out some stuff that I’ve been wanting for a long time due to money constraints, but luckily I realized Althea had some pretty good deals going on so I was like *holds out credit card with sunglasses*. While I got to score some loot without breaking the bank, remember to read till the end for a special link for a USD15 or RM20 discount off your first purchase as well!

Click on the price alongside the title for the hyperlink to the product on Althea, for non-malaysian customers, replace the first two letters of the hyperlink to your country code. E.g. for US customers.

1. Peripera Ink Lasting Mint Cushion – #3 Sand – RM48/USD11



I mainly wanted to try this because it was (1) Half the retail price on Althea (2) It had a cooling effect on the skin after trying it out in stores.


This is a matte bb cushion with medium coverage that seems to be targeting acne-prone, oily skin. I am a little worried since well I’m combination but the pink version (dewy) was out of stock so I decided to just hop on and try this anyway!

Look at that super cute packaging. I swear this is such an original and cute idea (if my mom saw this she would slaughter me asking if I’m ten years old). I just couldn’t resist how cute it looked. For a cute packaging cushion from Peripera’s newest line, this was very much worth it at only RM48/USD11.

2. Nakeup Face 8 Days Brow Tattoo – 02 Natural Brown – RM50/USD11.30



After seeing Edward’s youtube video on this product, there was no going back for me. I was determined to get this product whether it be pushing a loved one off a cliff or to swim across the Pacific ocean. Fortunately, Althea had the product to save my poor soul. This is a brow tattoo except in a marker form, something similar to the Etude house Tint My Brows Gel except you don’t have to peel this. Like for the etude, the tint was very messy and I hated having to apply it as it took quite some time for me (arched brows) and that the tint would only last about a maximum of 3 days. This from Nakeup face however, claims to be up to 8 days. I love Edward and his review was very genuine so I decided to try this out in hopes of saving me some sleep in the long run (that way I don’t have to do my brows every morning or feel insecure about it at home).

I’ve seen Ebay sellers sell this product for at least USD18, so another bargain thanks to Althea as this is priced at around USD11.

3. The Saem Eco Soul Lip Oil – 01 Honey – RM28/USD6.75


I have dry ass lips and despite using lip balm on a daily basis I still want something more nourishing at night to heal my lips. I liked the Goodal lip oil I got for my mom so I decided to get myself one… but cheaper. I can’t stress enough how much Althea’s prices influence me to get more stuff lol. The Goodal lip oil was priced at roughly more than RM40/USD9, while this is around USD7…. and I am consoling myself by tricking my brain I saved some money in this haul. *cries*

It comes in almost the same packaging as the Goodal lip oil, and many other standard Korean lip oils as well. There are berry and grapefruit versions for this but i opted for the standard honey instead. The first thing I noticed was how sweet it smelt. I also liked the faux wood cap and the glass bottle.

4. Petitfee Black Pearl and Gold Hydrogel Eye Patches – 30 pairs – RM25/USD9.75


These are hydrogel eye patches meant for soothing the undereye areas. I think this is best used in the morning after waking up so that you’ll have less swollen effect of puffy eyes (something I always have). The great thing is you can put this in the fridge for a cooling effect as well! I’m not entirely sure if this does help with wrinkles and eye bags so you’ll hear from me soon as I got this for my mom!

Priced at RM25/USD10, again much cheaper compared to other sellers like Amazon which sells for around RM50/USD11.

5. Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream – 01 Silky & 02 Glow – RM49/USD11


My mom loves these CC creams for some reason. I don’t really understand why she thinks cc creams are less harmful than bb creams and she always tells me off for applying even a little concealer. I still think if you cleanse the right way and don’t wear it every day it’s not that harmful to an extent. I wear BB cream like… once every 3 months. This was selling for around x3 times the price in EH stores so my mom was very surprised when I told her this was only RM50/USD11. She was like “Eh good thing the EH stores closed down!” *laughs*.

Please let me know in the comments if there is anything you’re interested in seeing a review about! I’ll try to post a review of some of the products here but probably not this month as I still have some other sponsored posts scheduled to write.

*This is not a sponsored post by Althea. I just really like bragging about cheap stuff as a beauty enthusiast.


9 thoughts on “Althea Haul

      1. I’m from the Philippines. I really want to but I just recently bought the Ink lasting mint cushion from the club clio store here in my country.


  1. I’d love to know how the Eco Soul Lip Oil worked for you! I have insanely dry/chapped lips and could seriously use a new product for it. I’ve never used (or even heard of!) lip oils before, so I’m intrigued!


    1. You’ve never heard of lip oils?! How can you? They are all on trend as your lips are blessed my angels and coated with honey and moisturizing, glossy oils! There’s so many different lip oils from different brands out there! I hope to write a review on this soon and compare it to the Goodal Lip oil!


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