Peripera Ink Lasting Mint Cushion (Limited Summer 2017 Edition) Review

If you read my Althea Haul post, you’d know one of the things I couldn’t pass off was the Peripera Ink lasting mint cushion! Not only is it super cute, but i heard good reviews about it so i bought it without any hesitation! I got it for only RM48 on Althea, while retailers were selling RM90 about double the price in stores! If you want a RM20 or USD15 discount on your purchase, be sure to check out the post–> here for the discount link!



This cushion claims to have a blurry effect, matte and high coverage, and great lasting power. *raises eyebrows* everything i want in a cushion!


The main reason i got this cushion was that when i tried it in stores it had a cooling effect. This contains tea tree, peppermint, centella and boswellia – ingredients which are commonly used in combating acne and oily skin.


This also seems to be targeting those with oily/acne-prone skin! I’m combination so I was a little worried if this was going to emphasize dry areas on me.


There’s also other versions of the cushion as well, but i heard they are completely different from the mint version in terms of texture, finish, and formula. I initially thought these were color correcting cushions but I guess they just ran out of names for products eh?



As you can see, this extremely cute packaging may have stolen my heart from the beginning. Inner 5-yo me could not resist for some reason….


The lid comes with a plastic sticker to protect, so remember to peel it off first.


This is the summer edition for 2017, so the box as well is different from the normal mint cushions.


This comes with 14g of product, and of course with the price this doesn’t come with a refill.


This comes with a mirror and a standard cushion puff. The cushion puff isn’t the polka dot design I’ve seen with previous ones though.



It’s always such a satisfaction when you get to feel the sticker off a fresh cushion!



The cushion is soaked in foundation evenly and seems to be a medium coverage, matte finish upon first swatch.


It seems to blend and dries very quickly. Upon initial application, it kinds of give off a dry and matte texture. I was impressed the shade seemed to match mine perfectly.

For a short demo tutorial of me trying this cushion on, click HERE on my Instagram!


You can most definitely see I have a lot of redness, bumps and tiny acne on my cheeks. I have large pores and somewhat of an uneven texture as well. After applying one layer of the cushion, you can most definitely see that it covered up most of my redness, bumps and acnepores weren’t as visible as before either! True to its claims, it does have a slight blurry effect as if photoshopping my imperfections. However, it can accentuate some dry patches or even emphasize pores after a while of application. Because of its slightly drying formula, it can tug on dry skin a little. Taking all of that into consideration, the truth is those dry patches can’t really be seen unless people have a magnifying glass with them. I’ve tried this a few times and honestly, i like how it wears on my skin and looks really natural. There’s only a teensie little accentuating dry patches but seriously, no one is going to notice! It just looks really good and not cakey or downright oily, not too drying and just the right balance in between.


I’d say instead of a true matte, this is a semi-matte finish. The thing is when applying this, you want to go light-handed first and build it up later, don’t just focus on one spot or else it will layer too much and make it look cakey. When applying with the puff, when you press it down you can see the mark it leaves behind, meaning you have to really blend well for this bb cushion.


For afar, you can see my skin looks really clear and clean, Nothing cakey, cloggy and just really natural and smooth. However after a few hours, I could see that the foundation was starting to fade and my imperfections were popping up again. With that said I had only applied one thin layer so it was obvious it was going to fade easily. However even after fading a little, my face still looked pretty okay, nothing too serious or disgusting that really gets on my nerves and makes me want to wash it off the second I get a chance!


After 5 hours of application


In my opinion, it still looked pretty good, other than my T-zone being a little oily and showing a pretty obvious sheen. Even with the slight oily t-zone, it wasn’t bothering me that much even though i don’t do touch ups or use oil blotting sheets.


  • Medium to high coverage
  • slight blur effect, able to somewhat minimize the appearence of acne and pores
  • Semi-matte finish
  • Slight cooling effect upon application
  • Natural looking
  • Not cakey


  • May slightly accentuate dry patches however not very noticeable
  • Fades easily after few hours (May apply two layers or more so that it doesn’t fade easily in a few hours)
  • Leaves marks when applying with cushion puff thus
  • Needs more time in blending
  • May be a little oily after a few hours

In a nutshell,

I genuinely liked the Peripera Inklasting Mint Cushion and would recommend it to anyone with combination to oily skin, which lives in humid weather and is looking for a summer, medium coverage cushion. I think this looks really good in person and has a really great effect in covering acne, redness and dark spots! The semi-matte finish doesn’t make me look cakey or too oily either. The only thing would be that it may accentuate dry patches a little, especially if you have severe dry cheeks – however it’s not really noticeable in my case. I personally think this looks really natural and would definitely wear this every day (however I break out easily so I don’t wear base makeup daily) if I could. If you’re interested to get this, you can use my link HERE to shop on Althea and get a USD15 or RM20 discount off your first purchase!

ps. this post is not sponsored by Althea. The above referral link does allow me to save a few dollars on my next purchase which helps support my blog! 



3 thoughts on “Peripera Ink Lasting Mint Cushion (Limited Summer 2017 Edition) Review

  1. May i know which bb cushion is your favourite now? I prefer bb cushion which is long-lasting and doesn’t emphasize pores. Any recommendation? thanks!


    1. My Favorite is bb cushion is still the peripera inklasting mint cushion! I find that other bb cushions i’ve tried just doesn’t have the same effect as that one. Though I’m also using the Maybelline Fit me foundation and the Missha bb cream for higher coverage options! You can see my use it in a video on my instagram or IGTV 🙂


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