Tiam My Little Pore No Sebum Cream Review


So, as part of my first Blackfriday Haul – I snagged a bunch of stuff from Jolse at really good deals and this one the first item I picked. This is from Tiam, a sister company of COSRX, and is retailing for about USD16 on Jolse, but i managed to get this for only USD6 during Black Friday sales! It was such a good deal I got two too!



This cream claims to be an oil-free gel cream that controls sebum.


It also claims to have a cooling effect and can help somewhat reduce redness. This is also targeted at people who have dehydrated oily skin, acne-prone, sensitive skin. So if you’re one of them, or all of them – you might want to take note of this product!



It has a pretty long list of ingredients but according to COSDNA, the only acne irritants are butylene glycol, Dimethicone, and Zinc Oxide. Notable ingredients to mention are Berry complex, Silica, and Betaine. 





It comes in a 50ml glass jar with a white screw on cap, but the Tiffany blue box definitely feels classy and really sturdy.



It also comes with a nice large spatula, BONUS POINTS!



You can use either in AM or PM routine depending on your skin type. I like to use this in the AM for its sebum controlling results.



It comes in a mild blue color of a watery gel texture, very thin in consistency for a cream. It’s also pretty easy to leak if you don’t screw the cap properly.


You can see that it is a very mild blue watery gel like texture, that easily absorbs into the skin. It only takes a few seconds for it to absorb into the skin. Upon application, i can see that it does fulfill its claims on cooling sensation as it feels really nice on the skin in humid weather. They also tip that you can put it in the fridge for extra cooling effect! Great for people whose skin is easily red and sensitive to hot temperatures! I do notice that it dries up maybe semi-matte, and does somewhat help with controlling sebum. However, since i have combo skin i rarely get oily anymore and i can’t really say if it does completely keep your face matte all day. It feels lightweight, cooling and absorbs fast and all – but for dehydrated combination skin like mine, i do feel that this is kind of lacking in moisture for a sleeping pack. For me, this watery texture is not enough for my face so i only use this in my AM routine when i am rushing to classes. I’m also kinda confused why this is under the my little pore line but they don’t really advertise that this helps with reducing pores – which i do not notice at all.

However something i should really point out is that this is targeted for oily skin, so being combo skin doesn’t really do justice on me. I imagine this would be a wonderful product if you’re constantly oily and live in humid weather – because the cooling effect helps cool down the skin, it’s lightweight and easy to absorb, and keeps your face somewhat matte. Perfect for those who only want to kind of balance their moisture barriers and keep their skin less oily and more matte.


  • controls sebum
  • cooling effect
  • classy packaging
  • lightweight, not greasy
  • perfect for those with oily skin or acne-prone skin
  • perfect for those who live in humid weather


  • may not be enough for those with combo to dry skin
  • may be kind of pricey for small jar


I’d say this is a pretty good product from Tiam and does fulfill most of its claims, especially the cooling part. However since i have combo dry skin, this is not enough for me as a moisturizer at night so i only use it in the morning. If you have oily, acne-prone, or live in humid weather – i’d most definitely recommend this product as it is super good for sebum control and keeping the face matte.

If you’re interested, you can purchase this from Jolse for about USD17.


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