A’pieu Perfect Cover Wonder Tension Cushion Review (No.23)


This is the famed A’pieu Wonder tension cushion! I remember when everyone was raving about this when it was first released. I REALYYYYYYYYYYY wanted this in the Marymond collaboration with the super cute floral casing but it sold out when I wanted to buy a few months back so i just went with the original 😦



This cushion comes in a netting, not the sponge you usually see in cushions for even application and minimal wastage of foundation. it claims to have a high coverage, long lasting. this is the perfect cover version, targeted for combo-oily skin and large pores, while the other moist version is targeted for combo-dry skin. There are also other versions of this cushion, like an acne-prone (Madecassoside), color-correcting etc.



It comes in a sturdy box that is similar to the casing with the shade numbers written on top. The cushion casing itself is glossy and reflective, solid black with gold lining.


It comes in a  slim cushion compact, very travel friendly and light. It also comes with a box which is great for touchups. Unlike most bulky cushions, this is very sturdy, light and travel-friendly.


It also comes with a mirror that is covered by a protective film.


The thing i do notice is that when i opened the lid, there was a slimy liquid/substance on it. Probably it was leaked from the cushion from the pressure or compression ?? since i did snug it in my bag on my flight home (which i had not opened the cushion yet). It didn’t really bother me since the cushion itself didn’t seem harmed in any way.


When you tear off the protective sticker, you cans see that the netting absorbing the foundation is uneven, almost unseen of in cushion foundations. However it’s supposed to be like that and a swift even press of your cushion puff should instantly even out everything.




With just one press of the cushion puff on the netting, it was instantly evenly coated with a thick layer of foundation in even patterns. very impressive.


You can see just how evenly everything applies and just how high coverage it is.


Though, i do want to note that when i pressed it down, the entire netting seemed to kind of sunk down in a concave and it doesn’t revert back to a straight area though. It didn’t really bother me, but the leaking of foundation on the side was kind of alarming. Just be sure to press on the middle instead of the edges to prevent leaking of the foundation which is very thick in texture.


The foundation itself is a pretty thick consistency and very light in color – too light for me to be comfortable as a shade no.23. I’m about NC 25-30 and to be honest this was too light for me even though i’m usually suitable for no.23 shades on Korean cushions.

for the full tutorial on this cushion, click this LINK to be shown the video on my instagram. 

When i first applied this – the first thing i noticed was how DRY it was. It was really hard to blend into my skin and was very pale, pasty and white on my skin. Although it has really high coverage that covered almost all of my acne/PIH, the texture itself was pretty alarming for me. 


From the pictures above, you can see that it is indeed too light for me. Though putting shade colors aside, this does fulfill its high coverage promises and its even coverage. Though it was too dry for my combo skin, clinging onto every flawed inch of my pores, uneven texture and dry patches. Don’t get me wrong, the end result is very pretty and blinding, looks really good on camera, though if you look closely it emphasized my large pores and uneven texture, especially around my problematic nose.


You can see from this closeup just how much it emphasized my pores prior to blending it with a brush. I just did not like the way it looked off camera, when all my pores were as big as my forehead for the world to see. Pale, ghostly and dry on my skin even, i looked like a geisha and my skin was screaming at how it tugged on it.

When i did the left side of my face, you can see that i may have used too much product and it caused me really hard time to blend the product out. As it sets really quick, you have to work fast and i had to use a beautyblender or a brush to blend everything out in the end so that it would look less drying and crumbly. After blending it out with a brush, it was more bearable and looked a lot better, didn’t emphasize my pores that much but still felt really dry on my skin.


  • Super high coverage
  • Super affordable
  • Can purchase refill
  • Slim, travel friendly packaging with a mirror
  • May be great for those with really oily skin and humid conditions


  • Drying, tugs at dry patches
  • Emphasizes pores and uneven texture
  • Sets really fast and need to work really fast and even use a sponge/brush for faster blending
  • Difficulty blending
  • Shade range is too PALE
  • Not recommended for those with combo to dry skin

In a nutshell, 

I’d say i didn’t like this cushion at all other than the great packaging which is travel friendly. It was way too drying for me and tugged at the dry patches and emphasized my pores to a point it felt like i was screaming for the world to see them. It was too pale for my skin and i had a hard time blending as well. However, it does have high coverage and i’d say if you want to use this product, a little goes a long way, and definitely use a small amount then blend immediately, don’t use a large amount in one go. I’d say this is probs best for oily skin in humid conditions since it is very drying, and dry skin people should avoid this. The end result of this cushion is actually quite nice, but not worth the cost of my large pores and dry skin.

If you’re interested in trying this product out, you may purchase this for RM55 from Hermo where i got it – which is a really good price for a cushion. Or you could purchase this from Jolse for around USD13.



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