Mamonde Highlight Lip Tint Glow #14 Sweet orange + The Saem Ink Lasting Tint #CR01 Sunny Coral REVIEW


So if you’ve seen my Peripera Ink velvets review which was in January, i mentioned i wanted to try the Mamonde Highlight Lip Tint Glow colors but i held back until Jolse’s Black Friday haul. I wanted to try something new and unique, so the glossy vibrant summery colors instantly spoke out to me. I also got The Saem Longwear Ink Tint from a friend as a belated birthday gift! So I’ll review these 2 tints today.

The mamonde highlight lip tint glow claims to be a high intensity, long lasting and moisturizing.


The Saem Longwear Ink Tint is a watery tint with a slightly glossy texture and claims to be long-lasting.




The Mamonde highlight lip tint glow comes in a really pretty holographic rose packaging that is to die for. It is a super pretty box that suits Mamonde flower theme.


The lip tint comes in a similar packaging to the original Mamonde highlight lip tint, but with a metallic packaging instead of matte. It comes with a screw cap and a doe-foot applicator that is transparent SO PRETTY! The texture is thick and sweetly scented.



The Saem Longwear Ink Tint comes in a sturdy cardboard box and a unique white matte lipstick like packaging.


It comes with a doe-foot applicator as well and is a more watery, sweet-scented texture.


The Mamonde Highlight Lip Tint is indeed very glossy, pigmented and vibrant with a slightly thick watery texture. I think it’s more of a true red with orange undertones. The Saem Longwear Ink Tint is slightly more watery and actually very sheer, but buildable and very natural looking peachy, coral shade.


The mamonde highlight lip tint is indeed very pigmented and gives a fresh, vibrant glossy look.


The Saem Longwear Ink Tint is very sheet, but a few extra layers on the lips made a very pretty color! It looks very summery and fresh.

I personally thoroughly loved these two tints as they are super pretty colors. Mamonde is more glossy and pigmented, for a bolded look – but the saem is a very peachy natural tint that is perfect for a ‘no makeup’ makeup look!

I got the Mamonde highlight lip tint glow for about USD9 on Jolse, while The Saem longwear ink tint for about USD7.


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