Pyunkang Yul Moisture Serum Review


A brand that has recently gotten a lot of positive attention but I have never heard of, Pyunkang Yul is a new brand with a small range of products. I have seen many local beauty bloggers talk about this brand so I decided, I should try it out too when Hemo had a sale on their products! I first got the essence toner (200ml) @ RM49 which was a really good deal and I liked it, so I decided to get the serum too since I really needed something more hydrating in my routine.



Alright since the rough translation of korean to english is kind of weird, I’m going to use better words to describe its claims:

  • Balancing skin moisture and oil levels (Meaning when it is balanced, our skin doesn’t dry easily and doesn’t get too oily either)
  • Suitable for sensitive, dehydrated skin
  • Able to lower skin temperature
  • Forms a protective layer around the moisture barrier to prevent excess moisture loss 
  • Moisturize, softer, silkier and smoother skin texture





The ingredient list is nice and short, containing only fifteen ingredients. Butylene glycol, Olea Europaea (olive) fruit oil, stearic acid, Cetearyl alcohol being possible acne irritants on COSDNA.



I really like the classy but minimalistic feel of the packaging. The box itself is made out of cardboard and looks exactly like the bottle. It’s a glass frosted blue bottle with a stopper lid and a dropper cap.  Unlike the essence toner, this does come in a glass bottle while the toner comes in a plastic bottle that looks like glass.


It comes in 100ml of product, which is pretty large for a serum considering most Korean companies do only 50-70ml.


Though one issue I find with the packaging is the dropper. Grabbing more product is infinitely impossible unless I pump more than ten times. The dropper cannot seem to ‘suck’ fully and only goes halfway, and most of the time the product you see on the stopper stays there (because the serum is too heavy and stays inside the dropper). So most of the time I do need to pump quite a few times for enough product to be used on my face.



The product itself is watery for a serum, milky white and smells faintly of a chemical I cannot seem to put my finger on.


You can see that the product is very easy to spread out because of the light consistency, and easily absorbs into the skin as well.


I personally use this after a toner and a chemical exfoliant (If i’m hardworking), but if you’re dry skinned you should probs use this serum after an essence or an ampoule (both which I don’t have lol). I found this product is very lightweight, easily absorbs into the skin, and moisturizing. Although for a serum, it seems more of a lightweight moisturizer to me! It feels nice on my skin during initial application and spreads easily, no tacky or oily residue.

Though it does not have a cooling sensation as it claims, and i can’t really attest to its claims about balancing the oil and moisture levels in my skin or a protective layer to prevent extra moisture loss – since well these things can’t be seen with the naked eye unless you have a skin measurement device.


  • Lightweight, watery consistency
  • Moisturizing and slightly glowy skin
  • Value for money with 100ml of product
  • Does not break me out
  • Good for combo to oily skin


  • Faulty dropper and makes it hard to grab product
  • Not as moisturizing as expected for a serum
  • Probably not enough for Dry skinned people


I personally really like this product and feels it does fulfill its claim of moisturizing and hydrating. It also does supposedly balance the oil and moisture levels of my skin as it doesn’t feel oily nor tacky on my face. Though, the issues I find is the dropper makes it hard to get product and I do need to use a night gel-cream after this during my night time skincare routine. However, that is to be expected since this a serum and an extra step, not a last step. I’d honestly do recommend this product to combination to oily, dehydrated, sensitive skinned gals, and if you’re dry skinned but do not mind an extra step instead of choosing to use that money to buy a more moisturizing product instead, this would be a good venture as well.

I got this product from at RM70 instead of the retail price of RM99,


but hermo regularly has deals on PKY so be sure to look out if you’re interested in buying the product, or you could purchase it on Jolse for USD22.

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