[PR] Althea Bare Essentials Skincare Review Part.2 – Primer Water

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  • Hydrating toner and primer in one
  • Gently fills the gap between pores and allows hydrating to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin
  • Smooth and silky texture that enhances the skin’s natural glow, leaving you with the perfect canvas


Provided by Pixie FishMeatDie, COSDNA analysis states that the ingredient list seems pretty safe, nothing too alarming. I’ve seen someone review this and said that it contains silicone, a common ingredient for primers but I have no idea what the chemistry name is so lmao can’t find it in the list. So I’m going to pretend there is silicone in the ingredient list. 



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The thing i really like about the entire Bare Essentials line is the super minimalistic packaging. It’s super simple but still classy and functional! Doesn’t look cheap at all. Plus I like how they repurpose the classic althea boxes into their packaging for the skincare line! Again, most of the instructions and details are written in korean.

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It comes with an aluminum screw-on cap with the althea logo on it. Super cute. There’s actually also a stopper on it but I threw it away.

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It is super easily to squirt product out of the bottle because the consistency of the toner is more watery, a little thick in consistency but still easily spreadable. The material of te bottle also makes it easy to just squeeze product out instead of banging it up and down like a heinz tomato sauce commercial.


The product is clear and nearly scentless, very watery and light in consistency.  It is very close to the PyunKangYul essence toner imo, but less thick in consistency compared to that. I find that it provides a nice amount of hydration to my skin, making it feel supple, chok-chok. It is a nice light consistency which makes my skin feel hydrated without waiting ages for it to absorb and great for layering. I usually layer this toner about 2-3 times at night for extra hydration.

You can view the short demo of me using this product on my instagram HERE

It does fulfill its claims of being a hydrating toner, leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. However, I don’t really see the minimizing of my pores after using this. I’ve seen reviews from people saying that their pores are minimized and it’s the perfect primer and skincare in one – but maybe my pores are too large so this doesn’t work for me. I like it as a toner, but I don’t really see myself using this just for primer purposes. Hydration in theory is like the fundamental for your pre-makeup prep, so i do like it as a toner – but I still have to use an actual primer before my makeup process.


  • Affordable, great for value at 200ml
  • Easy to use packaging
  • Hydrating, leave skin feeling nice and supple
  • Slightly thick watery consistency
  • Suitable for all skin types since it isn’t too heavy
  • Suitable for layering


  • Contains silicone, might be a no for some
  • Doesn’t really serve as a standalone primer
  • More of a skincare product than a makeup prep tbh
  • Might not be enough hydration for most


I thoroughly enjoyed this product, using this by layering at least 2-3 times in my nighttime skincare routine. I find that this toner is great for those with Combination to Oily skin, live in humid weather and want something perfect for layering in their skincare routine. This toner is hydrating and leaves the skin feeling nice and supple, the super wallet-friendly price tag makes it even more great for people like me who are broke and want to layer their products at night. I do find that it doesn’t meet up to my standards of a standalone primer so i use this more of as a skincare product.

I do however feel that if you have dry skin or live in cold weather, this toner will not be enough for your skincare routine. For those who live in humid weather, perfect! Which is why the next and last product in the line is perfect for your needs, which you can read the review ABOVE!

Get the Althea Bare Essentials [Primer Water] for only RM43! Be sure to use my affliate link for a discount on your first time purchase as well!



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