[PR] Althea Bare Essentials Skincare Review Part.3 – Fixer Cream

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  • Non-oily, quick absorbing formula sourced with an ingredient from cactus that prevents moisture loss, called Trehalose
  • Rich in anti-oxidants derived from green tea seed oil
  • Helps to promote collagen regeneration using Baobab tree extracts
  • Skin is left looking great and bouncy to the touch


Provided by FishMeatDie, COSDNA analysis states that it has a pretty clean ingredient list with only a few triggers.




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Like the other two products, the ingredients and details are mostly in Korean.

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It also comes with a safety lid to prevent the product from leaking.


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The product is milky white in color and yet looks like a heavy cream at first glance.


It has a slightly thick texture and consistency, however you can see that it is closer to a ‘gel’ because you can easily scoop out the product.


It also spreads easily onto the skin, nothing too occlusive and heavy like a classic cream which is perfect for those of us who live in humid weather.


After spreading out, you can see that most of it absorbs fairly easily and quickly into the skin and doesn’t look greasy or tacky at all.

You can see the mini demo tutorial I did on my Instagram HERE

I find that the Fixer cream, albeit looks heavy and occlusive at first glance – really surprised me. I have combination skin so I don’t really use many creams since I don’t like the heavy and greasy feel it leaves behind. However, this really blew my mind. I’ve already used up half of the jar and it’s only been 2 weeks!

When you first apply it, you don’t need a lot of product tbh. The gel consistency and texture makes it super easy to spread out. It feels very light and hydrating on my skin after absorption, and it even only takes a few minutes for it to completely dry. At first, I wasn’t used to it and felt that it was a little too heavy. However, after using it the first time – I just kept going back to this jar. It feels so nice on my skin and leaves the right amount of hydration I need in my routine. It also doesn’t feel greasy or tacky, yet leaves a nice slight glow on my face.


  • Affordable, great for value at 50g of product
  • Clean ingredient list
  • Not oily or greasy at all
  • Feels more like a ‘gel’ than a ‘cream’
  • Suitable for those who have combo to oily skin and live in humid weather
  • Provides supple hydration
  • Leaves my skin glowly
  • Leaves my skin ‘chok-chok, and bouncy


  • Doesn’t come with a spatula
  • Probably would have been better if it were in a tube packaging since it’s more of a ‘gel’ consistency


I really liked this product! Out of all three of the products, this has got to be my favorite! which is surprising since I didn’t think I would like this product as a cream! It really provides nice hydration to my skin and yet doesn’t feel oily or greasy at all! I like the extra pump of hydration and glow it gives to my routine! I personally would recommend this to people of all skin types, even oily! It provides the right amount of hydration for me and i think even oily skin people can try this out!!

The ALTHEA Bare Essentials line has throughly suprised me. At an affordable price tag, all three products seem to have done their job and i have no complaints whatsoever. I thought i wouldn’t like these products at all, but boy was i wrong. I honestly would recommend the entire skincare line to anyone who is on a budget and wants hydrating, clean and nothing too fancy but simple products. Sure, it isn’t anything overpowering or fancy with ingredients like centella asiatica or promise to heal acne, or make you angelina jolie overnight, but i do honestly feel the entire skincare line did a really good job and delivers one thing it promises – Hydration.

Get the Althea Bare Essentials [Fixer Cream] at only RM50 and use my affliate link for a 20% off on your first order! They offer worldwide free shipping too so be sure to not miss out on this amazing product!

*I was sent these products for free by the Althea team (Thanks Mira & Tammy) in exchange for an honest review. I am not obliged to write a good review and all are of my honest opinion. 

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