Naruko Rose Night Gelly Review


If you’ve been following me for a long time, you’d know that I’ve been a fan of Naruko for quite some time. Naruko has been one of my first brands from the start. Naruko has always been a staple and long favorite of those in the reddit /rasianbeauty community. I first used the tea tree line, but later i fell in love with the Rose night gelly. It’s my HG night time routine cream/gel but i only recently repurchased it after a year because i was trying out new products.


The night gelly comes in 80g of product and a screw on tub made of plastic. The product itself is somewhat in between a gel and a cream imo. It is slightly pale white in color and the texture is thick but easily spreadable, like the other night gellies from Naruko. The rose line is supposed to be meant for hydrating so i was really excited to try this.


As you can see, the product is thick but not heavy at all. It spreads very easily on my skin and with a few rubs, the product is completely absorbed into the skin. My skin feels really hydrated and ‘chok-chok’ without being greasy nor oily at all. This night gelly is supposed to be use in the last step of your night time skincare routine. The morning after i wake up, my skin has a slight healthy glow! I was really impressed with this night gelly and i’m really happy i repurchased it. It makes my skin hydrated, moisturized and glowy!


  • Moisturizing, good for those with dehydrated skin
  • Recommended for those with combo to dry skin (but imo oily skin people can try this too)
  • Doesn’t feel greasy nor tacky
  • Lightweight, absorbs easily into the skin
  • Can be used in day time skincare routine as well
  • Affordable, about RM50 for a tub at Watsons


  • May be oily for some people
  • Scented

In a nutshell,

I really love this product and it makes my skin feel moisturized without being greasy, plus it gives a nice subtle glow to my face. Naruko is also available in watsons malaysia and is considered a drugstore brand with many good reviews! Their sheet masks are especially popular so be sure to try it out if you’re interested to try! I highly recommend this Rose night gelly for anyone to be honest since it’s really nice and doesn’t feel too oily nor too dry.

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