[PR] Benton Cacao Moist & Mild Toner Review


Benton has long been a known brand in the ABcommunity, with its Aloe BHA line and the Snail Bee line both being well received by many consumers. It’s recent venture was the Cacao Moist & Mild line – which I was lucky enough to try the Cream, while other products in the line include the new serum and now a toner.




The BCM&MT is claimed to be a toner that is most suitable for the first step of your skincare right after cleansing. It is free of artificial fragrance and alcohol, which avoids drying out your skin. It contains Hyaluronic acid and Cacao extract which thoroughly hydrates and nourishes the skin from deep within.


It is recommended for…….

  • Dehydrated, oily, sensitive skin 
  • People who prefer lightweight products e.g. humid weather
  • People who are easily sensitive or irritated skin
  • Dull, rough, or tight-looking skin



Most toners in the market contain alcohol (commonly named as ethanol or denatured alcohol), which can easily irritate and dry out the skin. The BCM&MT is free of those harmful ingredients and has unbelievably the cleanest ingredient list I’ve ever laid my eyes on COSDNA.



On COSDNA, the BCM&MT has a very clean ingredient list. If you’re very picky about ingredients and have sensitive skin, this toner is definitely for you.




It comes in classy glass-like, plastic cylindrical packaging with a screw on white cap. Everything is clearly labeled in both Korean and English, which is always a plus for me! It comes in a normal 150ml bottle, which is about the same as most toners.


It also comes with an aluminum seal to make sure product doesn’t leak in the shipping process. The plastic stopper can also be easily removed, which I did to transfer some of the product into a mist bottle which I will explain later.



The product is a very watery, liquid consistency which is very thin and similar to water. It’s not slightly thick like the Benton Aloe BHA skin toner, but this is very watery and meant to be used with cotton pads. What I do is after cleansing (most of the time i just skip cleansing lol) and dab the toner on a cotton pad and soak it. Then just wipe it across my face removing the first layer of grime and dirt. Then I just take my mist bottle filled with the BCM&MT as spray it evenly onto my face like a mist. I like doing this method for watery toners (if it’s a thick consistency like the Aloe BHA then I just pump onto my hands and use it that way). My face then feels hydrated and prepped for my next step in my skincare routine.

For me the scent of the toner is scentless, like literally, I smell nothing! Some reviews have said there is a distinct scent but maybe my nose isn’t sensitive to fragrances… I smell air lol.

The product itself it distinct from its other toners from Benton. This is very watery, somewhat similar to the Benton Fermentation Essence. Because of its watery consistency, it is very lightweight and meant to provide minimum hydration for those with combo to oily skin. I personally find that if you want extra moisture from this product, you can use it as a mist (like me), or you can do the 7-step toner method, which you repeatedly apply the product seven times on your face. I find that because it is too watery, i don’t like applying it directly onto my hands but rather use a mist bottle instead. I find that my face is nicely hydratedprepped and not dry after using the BCM&MT.

However, if you’re planning to only use this product in your skincare routine. I highly advise not to as it is not going to provide enough hydration for your skin throughout the day. Definitely remember to use at least a serum, ampoule or moisturizer after this step. People with dry skin may find that this toner is not really necessary as it doesn’t provide enough hydration, but for me, I feel it’s a convenient step for me to remove the first layer of grime and dirt on my skin.



  • Lightweight, not heavy at all
  • Suitable for those with oily skin and live in humid weather
  • Suitable for those with Sensitive, Oily and Dehydrated skin
  • VERY SUPERB CLEAN ingredient list
  • Free from alcohol
  • Scentless
  • Slightly hydrating
  • Removes first layer of grime and dirt as a toner
  • Can be used as a mist and with 7-step toner method


  • May not be hydrating enough for most dry skinned people
  • May find it an unnecessary step since it does not provide enough moisture
  • May find it to lacking in hydration for use in winter


The Benton Cacao Moist & Mild Toner performed above my expectations and i would most definitely recommend it to anyone who has Oily, dehyrated or sensitive skin! I find that it is a decent toner with a clean ingredient list that many would find no adverse reactions to. If you personally have problems with cystic acne, dermatitis, sensitive skin, i do think this would be a good option to try because of the clean ingredient list. Though, if you have no problem with that and want something more hydrating, it might not be something you really need in your routine. However, i personally have dry skin and would still recommend it to anyone with dry skin if you’re on the lookout for a toner.

If you would like to try this product out, you can purchase it here on their official page!

*This product was kindly sent to me for free for review purposes and I am not inclined to give a good review but only my honest and unbiased opinions. 


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