[PR] LeeGeeHaam Hope 5α Control Cream Review


LeeGeeHaam or previously LJH, has been a heavy hitter brand in the abcommunity for as along as i was there. The brand has been popular among asian skincare fanatics for its mega popular propolis line (especially the ampoule) and tea tree line! Recent years however, the brand went through quite a few major changes and have come up with different product lines – such as matcha, cica and many more!

The Hope line consists of three other subsequent lines, including PLC, Color and 5α Control! The 5α control line is targeted at Oily, Dehydrated skin types. Throws confetti! So many people in the community have oily and dehydrated skin, meaning that their skin appears oily but is really dry beneath the surface.


Since I can’t find many photos from LGH official for their brochure or much details, I will be summarizing some of the claims I found.

  • Lightweight cream for controlling surface shine with in-depth moisturizing
  • Balances oil-water level of the skin
  • Optimal product for dehydrated, oily skin



Noticeable ingredients include Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, which soothes and relieves acne/troubled/sensitive skin. Another ingredient is Witch Hazel, which is ever popular for treating enlarged pores and acne. From the COSDNA analysis, most ingredients seem to be on the safe side except for potential acne triggers like cetearyl alcohol and butylene glycol.




The product is a minimalistic white packaging which feels simple but classy at the time.


From the get-go, it already mentions that it’s targeted at oily and dehydrated skin! There also both english and korean ingredient list and directions!


It contains 50g of product as well.



The product comes with a plastic lid divider to prevent the product from spilling. It is a pale creamy yellowish white color, with a very slight kind of herbal? scent. It is very minimal unless you put your nose close to the product.


I LOVE THE TEXTURE! I was just super amazed and how jelly its consistency is. It sloshes around the jar but still retains its shape, and is just super interesting to me lol. Most creams are usually quite heavy in density which wouldn’t spill if you turned the jar upside down but this one is really light and moves around in the jar easily.


I’d say the texture and consistency are very similar to pudding, but lighter?


You can see that after spreading the product on my skin, it absorbs super easily and leaves a nice glowy, hydrated sheen. No oily residue at all!


Applying on my skin is super easy too! Spreads like butter, absorbs at the speed of light, no sticky or oily residue!


And the results? Hydrated, glowy skin in less than a minute. 


  • Lightweight cream
  • Absorbs easily and fast into the skin
  • Not oily nor sticky residue
  • Feels hydrated and moisturized
  • Interesting Jelly/pudding texture
  • Leaves skin looking glowy and plump
  • Nice ingredient list


  • May be expensive for some
  • Could be lacking in hydration for dry skinned people


I personally was really, really amazed at this product. I’ve tried countless creams for both dry, oily skin – since I was only Oily at first but is now more of a combination dry skin – at this is the first time I’ve been so amazed by a cream. Usually, they are pretty meh with extravagant claims and harmful ingredients (except for the Naruko Rose Night Gelly) but this one knocked the socks off me. Not only is the consistency really interesting, the texture is really moisturizing, without being oily or sticky at all. It also dries really fast but still leaves my skin looking like I had a good eight hours sleep and live a stress-free life (Y’all know that’s never the case for me lol).

I totally recommend this to anyone of all skin types, even dry! But especially for those with oily & dehydrated skin types! If you are experiencing the problem of your face looking all greasy every morning, but still feel dry in some areas (especially the cheeks) – and/or are looking for a product that absorbs easily and hydrates, this is the product for you. Especially if you hate the oily/sticky residue from creams!

You may purchase this product directly from LeeGeeHaam itself (i think you can purchase via emailing them) or Glow Recipe which retails for $34 and provides free shipping in the US!

*This product was sent to me for free by LeeGeeHaam in accordance with their beauty reviewers Instagram post and I was selected in exchange for an honest review and am no way obliged to write a good review. 


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