[PR] Althea’s Real Fresh Skin Detoxer (Green Tea & Rose) Review


Althea has been the top marketplace for k-beauty this year ever since they launched shipping worldwide and their recent Bare Essentials Line (Contour Cleanser, Primer Water & Fixer Cream) knocked my socks off for an in-house skincare brand with an affordable tag! Now, I’m so thankful for joining the Althea Angels community in which we receive special althea products and perks for sharing our passion for beauty! Their first box consisted of special welcoming goodies to celebrate Althea Turns 3 (3 years since the launch already? omg) and again, surprised by how generous Althea is.


One of the great things inside among many is the newly launched Real Fresh Skin Detoxers! It is a collaboration with popular Korean beauty talk show, Get It Beauty and will be featured in the show in September.



The Real Fresh Skin Detoxers are meant to be used on your face for 10 SECONDS ONLY! This is a skin detox wash off mask! There is both the Rose (morning) and Green tea (night) variant, which is recommended to use both together for better results.


  • Gently exfoliates
  • Gives skin a radiant glow
  • Protect and balance PH llevels of skin
  • Evening out skin texture for better makeup application


  • Calms down and purifies the skin
  • Boost skin’s natural regeneration process



Along with the Bare Essential’s line, it strikes a minimalistic packaging with a slight twist. There’s elegance to the product but still a slight fun factor. The transparent packaging allows for the rose petals in the product, or the green tea granules to look super aesthetic. An important note is also that there is a space behind the tube to write the date of the opening for the product! So useful!!

Each tube contains 150g of product as well.



You can definitel see that there is real rose petals inside the product as well as green tea leaves granules in it.


To use this product, I use a facial cleanser first (or if I skip it I go straight to using this skin detoxer). I apply a good tbsp to the back of my hand and then spread it onto my face evenly. After that, I use circular motions and rub the product on my skin, gently until it starts to lather up slightly. I do this for about 10 seconds and wash it off.

The difficult part for me is definitely washing the product off my face. As it doesn’t lather up a lot like a normal cleanser, this takes a while. I didn’t tie my hair the first time I used this and I turned into a wet monster lol. I’d also have to mention that I got a few pimples near my hairline which doesn’t occur often and I suspect it’s because I didn’t wash off the product completely near my hairline. If you want to use this, you have to be thorough and tie your hair.



After washing off the product, I do notice my skin feels slightly ‘chok-chok’ and there is a slight brightening or even out effect on my skin.


Although my skin does look pretty good in the picture, I would like to note there isn’t much difference in real life. There is a slight brightening effect or hydrating effect for both skin detoxers, however it is very slight and definitely a short-term effect. If you expect glowy good looking skin in 10 seconds, then sorry to burst your bubble this would not be the miracle product you’re looking for. With that being said, it is still a fun product that smells deliciously calming and the granules (rose petals and green tea leaves) feel great on the skin.

I do feel that this seems like an extra product that doesn’t really do much justice to the skin other than the fun factor. I personally do feel if you want better results, the Bare Essentials Line would be a better investment instead. I personally don’t see the point of using these two products much but if you are looking for something that looks and smells nice, provides a nice sight hydrating and brightening effect; then definitely go for it!


You can get both for a discounted price of RM77 now at Althea and don’t forget to use the code #ALTHEATURNS3 for a 10% discount!!! You can also get an Althea Turns 3 Tote Bag for free (T&C)!

*This product was sent to me for free and all of the above content is my honest opinions and thoughts. I am in no way obliged to write a good review.


7 thoughts on “[PR] Althea’s Real Fresh Skin Detoxer (Green Tea & Rose) Review

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on these! I’ve been using them religiously for 2 weeks now and still gathering my thoughts on them. I do agree on the short term effect though.


    1. Totally! At first I was kind of impressed with the short term slight brightening effect but then i realized it wasn’t much of a difference. It was also a hassle to wash it off for me and it took a lot of time (plus i get zits on my hairline). I also saw Yourgirlboss (Jean) thoughts on her insta stories and i thought i agreed there wasn’t much purpose for this product lol.


    1. It’s Althea’s own in house brand! Althea.kr ships worldwide and has been a pretty big marketplace for korean beauty online. You can also check out my review on they’re previous skincare line called bare essentials which was a lot better imo!


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