[PR] Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway Review


Most of you already know about the Althea Bare Essentials line and the Skin Detoxer wash off packs but recently, Althea has busted another new and I’m beyond excited to share this review because it’s that amazing! In my PR kit, I have also received the Petal Velvet Powders in Translucent #0, Warm Beige #23 and Pink Lavender (Anniversary edition). For this post, I’ll be posting about the review on the Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway!




  • Lightweight, velvet finish texture
  • Hydrating, fresh formula
  • Not greasy or sticky
  • Keeps skin moisturized while controlling excessive sebum
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • No white cast




Being a Physical sunscreen (Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide), it contains an impressive list of ingredients with Damask Rose particles (you can smell it and it’s not too strong!). On COSDNA, the ingredients are pretty safe and not too high on any potential triggers.




I really am always amazed at how Althea can make a simple minimalistic packaging look so classy and luxurious! It comes in a generous 55ml tube and is SPF 50+ PA++++!



An important thing to note is to always shake well before usage as the product might dilute and separate as seen in the second gif. As Deadpool once said…

Hit it like it owes you money.


If shaken well, the product should be like this instead! It comes out easily with a little force as the product is extremely liquid and is milkier than the usual sunscreen I use!


Is this a heartbeat? lol




It also spreads out easily and blends really well into the skin. Doesn’t feel heavy, stick nor greasy but rather velvet! The velvet finish really surprised me as I’ve never felt a sunscreen like this before! It feels really nice on the skin than it is somewhat moisturizing, but still a semi-matte finish that feels velvet! Super impressed with how this turned out on my face and is perfect for super hot sunny humid and yet rainy weather in Malaysia.

There is only a slight visible white cast, which feels more of a tone-up and blurred effect for me! Doesn’t feel oily nor greasy at all like most drugstore sunscreens I’ve tried.


  • Lightweight, hydrating formula
  • Velvet finish feels light and is semi-matte
  • Doesn’t feel greasy, sticky nor oily
  • Perfect for humid weather
  • Blends easily and absorbs into the skin
  • SPF 50 PA ++++ is suitable for daily use
  • Affordable, minimalistic


  • Need to shake well before usage

In a nutshell,

I definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a sunscreen in general, especially those who live in humid weather like me! Perfect for all skin types, it’s the perfect balance between moisturizing and matte. The velvet finish is really impressing and doesn’t feel sticky, greasy or oily – an incredible feat. It also smells like roses (slightly) and is priced super affordable!

Currently, you can get the sunscreen alone for RM38.70 on Althea or RM47.20 WITH the Petal Velvet Powder of your choice! psst, use my referral code and get 20% off your first order!!! Althea ships worldwide with free shipping* and sells affordable and a wide range of korean beauty products so what are you waiting fam???

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