Top 10 Skincare Must-haves for Christmas below RM100

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“Don’t want a lot for christmas… there is just one ten things I need-“

When you start to recite Mariah Carey songs by memory, oh-ho-ho-ho you know it’s that time of the year. Christmas is all about giving, not receiving as the saying goes. So why not do some good and give YOURSELF the best present of all because there is nothing better that meets the definition of self-love like buying things online. Okay, if you’re feeling the Christmas cheer you could most definitely gift any of these to your best friends too since the more the merrier!

To make things easy for you, I’ve compiled a list of products that I’ve mostly tried, tested, reviewed or heard many positive feedback for you to invest your Christmas spirit in! The best thins is, all of these products are below RM100 to make sure you keep yourself/friends happy without sleeping on the streets on Christmas night.

1. Nacific (Natural Pacific) Real Calendula Floral Toner 180ml – RM58


Always start your skincare routine with a nice toner! I’ve clearly been using this one by Nacific with real pretty calendula toners inside and it feels luxurious. It’s a lightweight, hydrating toner to get rid of the first layer of grime and dirt while keeping your skin supple and hydrated. It’s only a really pretty addition to add to your flatlays! You can read my review on this real soon here. Totally recommend this to anyone!

Purchase it here.

2. Purito Green Level All In One Mild Pads 70pcs – RM55


To effectively calm sensitive and acne-prone skin one should always look to calming ingredients such as the ever popular Centella. This multi-functional pre-soaked cotton pads contain 10% centella asiatica to help repair your skin barrier, sebum, dead skin cells, calms and moisture skin! All those functions in one swipe! I’ve had friends and bloggers (Shout out to FishMeatDie/Eros) rave about this product and I plan on trying this real soon! It’s the perfect skincare for lazy people like me!

Purchase it here

3. Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum 50ml – RM79


If you’ve been up to date with korean skincare news lately, you’d definitely seen this product pop up! Also called Jun Ji Hyun Noona’s serum – it’s been raved in a recent advertisement as the painful serum as it literally stings your face! The key idea for this product is the stinging on your face means that the product is working on your skin! To gain equal beauty means equal pain am I right? It contains vitamin C and is said to help effectively get rid of acne, blemishes, large pores and lighten acne scars!

Purchase it here

4. Purito Pure Vitamin C Serum 60ml – RM52


With the Purito Centella pad being an all-time bestseller, this is also another top product that most have raved about! It’s a concentrated vitamin c serum that contains 10% ascorbic acid and 84% hyaluronic acid and is free from Purito’s 10 harmful ingredients ban. It’s a powerful but hydrating serum that helps to reduce acne scars, brightens complexion, soothes skin and improves wrinkles!

Purchase it here

5. Etude House Soon Jung Ph5.5 Relief Toner 80ml – RM35


Etude house is known for it’s makeup, but you probably didn’t know that they did extremely well on their skincare line targeted for sensitive, acne-prone skin – the soon jung line. The line has a cleanser, cica balm, barrier cream, sleeping pack etc but the most popular product is the toner. The toner contains Panthenol and Madecassoside which are similar ingredients to centella asiatica, aimed to calm and soothe skin. It’s also neutral ph of 5.5 perfect for all skin types. I’ve personally loved this product by applying  a few drops onto my skin and it just calms and soothes it despite looking ‘meh’! Totally recommend this to all skin types, especially sensitive!

Purchase it here

6. Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Asiatica Ampoule 100ml – RM72


Another product that is raved about this year just like the fresh herb origin serum and the emergence of more centella products is the heavy-hitter on the top of the pyramid the Skin1004 ampoule! It’s formulated with 100% Centella asiatica extract to keep your sensitive skin calmed and soothed! It’s a lightweight nourishing and harmless ampoule to keep red skin at bay! Perfect for those with sensitive, acne-prone, eczema prone skin! You can read my detailed review HERE!

Purchase it here

7. Pyunkang Yul Moisture Ampoule 100ml – RM64


Pyunkang Yul is an affordable skincare brand with a luxury reputation. The minimalist packaging gives one the satisfaction of receiving a high-end brand product without breaking the bank. I remember last year Christmas, i got myself the serum and essence toner from the brand and loved it to bits (review here)! The ampoule is a lightweight hydrating product that is definitely worth your buck with an enormous amount of product at 100ml when most brands only give 50ml.

Purchase it here 

8. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask 50g – RM38


If you’ve been following me for a while, you’d know I’ve been a big fan of this clay mask since forever. It’s a clay mask made with Jeju Volcanic clay and has always been a bestseller! I love to use a clay mask weekly to get rid of sebum and dirt deep within my pores and to reveal clean, fresh skin. Some clay masks can be too harsh and give me red skin but I still swear by the innisfree clay mask till this day! I’ve even used it in a DIY method that it perfect for those who wants the effect of a clay mask without it being too drying HERE.

Purchase it here.

9. Mise en Scene Perfect Repair Hair Serum 70ml – RM26


Haircare has always been an important part of my life with my fragile thin hair in humid weather. I used to have really dry ends from damaging it by perming/colouring my hair too often and it would often feel immensely dry. This serum was somehow introduced to me by a blogger few years back and it’s now my HG forever. Priced at only RM26 this hair serum has a thick oil like texture that give the hair a nice sheen that looks healthy. It’s literally my savior for my hair problems and perfect for all hair types! Korean celebrities also swear by this FYI.

Purchase it here.

10. Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway 55ml – RM43


For the last item on my Christmas 2018 must-haves, it has to be the must-have of all in every skincare routine and I absolutely love this affordable sunscreen with its unique texture. The Althea petal velvet sunaway is a unique hydrating sunscreen with a velvet like finish, perfect for hot humid weathers. It’s not greasy nor does it leave a white cast, absorbs into the skin fast and leaves you looking ‘semi-matte’ or must I say velvet even in humid conditions. Read my full review here.

Purchase it here and get free shipping for this with no min spend with the code PBSHIP *valid until 19.12.18.

This concludes my top 10 Must-haves Christmas wishlist below RM100! If you’re a new customer on Althea, be sure to use my code A20A-753VGEO2FYK0 for 20% off your first order! Althea ships worldwide too if you didn’t know 😉

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Skincare Must-haves for Christmas below RM100

  1. You have such amazing skincare products there. I really want to try Nacific products. Thanks for sharing this post!
    Btw. I’m now following your blog, will tune in for more amazing content 🙂
    I am a skincare junky too and does a lot of product reviews on my blog. Give it a visit if youre interested 🙂


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