Colourpop Holiday 2018 + No filter Foundation stick & concealer (Black Friday Haul)


Colourpop has been taking the makeup world by storm with affordable prices for superb quality. They’ve been releasing so many new releases and collabs this year (Bretman, Kathleen Lights, Disney Princess) and just when I thought they were done for the year – this year’s holiday’s collection is rainbow and holographic themed with the theme ‘is this a dream?’.

Now they have a bunch of stuff from the collection with a pressed powder palette, gliterally obsessed body glitters but I decided to only pick up a few – namely the Super Shock Shadows in REM and ZZZ, and the Ultra glossy lip in Starburst.



I was really impressed as this is my first time trying out the super shock shadows and the ultra glossy lip. The SSS are super pigmented, buttery and the color pay off is really good. Now I get all the hype on it! The Ultra glossy lip is a clear gloss with iridescent glitters that reflect light and is the perfect holiday gloss!


I also got the No filter foundation stix in Light 55c and the concealer in Light 12!


At first, the foundation stix looks too warm and yellow on the swatch while the concealer looked neutral. But after blending it out, both look amazing and blend really nicely into the skin!

I’d totally recommend picking up these items while they’re still in stock on Colourpop plus ps. festive sale season? With the quality these give off you’d be surprised at the price tag:

Colourpop Holiday SSS in REM & ZZZ – USD 51

Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip in Starburst – USD 6


Colourpop No filter foundation stix in Light 55c & Colourpop No filter concealer in Light 12 – Usd 14 (Bundle saves USD2)


Want a USD5 discount to go with your purchase? Use my referral link here (for new colourpop customers only!)

Check out my Yes Please Palette review here too if you’re interested!

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