Nacific Real Floral Toner Calendula + Real Floral Air Cream Calendul


Nacific, or previously natural pacific was famous for its Fresh Herb Origin Serum (Mentioned here). Later on it came out with this series and I was intrigued as it seemed to be similar to Kiehl’s Calendula toner which costs almost RM150 per bottle. I thought I’d try this out along with the air cream as I was in need of new skincare!

[Calendula Toner]

The Calendula toner claims to be

  • hydrating toner with real calendula petals
  • contains 91% calendula flower water
  • soothes and helps repair skin, preparing it for the next step.

I love that this toner is watery, hydrating toner that is meant to do what a toner should, to prep the skin for the rest of the skincare regime!


It’s key ingredients are:

  • Calendula flower water – soothes and repairs blemishes
  • Centella asiatica extract – calming sensitive skin, healing, repairing
  • Hyaluronic acid – humectant
  • Allantoin – encourages cell turnover


I’ve used this toner up already now and I definitely wanna share my opinion on it! It’s a watery consistency toner and contains real calendula petals. It comes in a 180ml bottle and comes out easily. I use a cotton pad and soak it a little, wiping it all over my face to get rid of dirt and grime. It’s hydrating, lightweight and mostly refreshing! It has a soothing effect on the skin and feels great in this humid weather. It lightly hydrates and really does prep my skin for the next step in my regime!

Plus, the calendula petals???


I really liked this toner and I have to say i was quite surprised! I really do recommend this toner to anyone who is looking for a hydrating toner with soothing properties! It does help soothe the skin and lightly hydrate, but if you’re expecting it to clear your acne or anything big like that it probably has a really low chance of doing that as it’s just a toner.

[Calendula Air Cream]

As I really liked the toner, i thought I’d pick up the air cream from the same line to try and see. It comes in an 80ml glass tub, really classy frosted glass type packaging, which is similar to the toner.


I’d like to say when I first got this and opened it, I did not read any review or the product specifications before buying. So when I opened it, I immediately could tell there was a high amount of alcohol in it. The alcohol was so strong I smelled it upon first opening it and things did not go well after that.

Instead of a cream, it’s actually a gel texture. It has little calendula petals and bits in it, making a pretty addition just like the toner. However this, the alcohol really bugged me off. I checked the ingredient list and Alcohol Denat, was the first ingredient. Major drawback.

After using it up to almost 80% of the jar, I just decided I did not like this at all. 1. was the scent; 2. was that it really did not classify as a moisturizer for me. Although it was a gel, I expected it to have at least to retain some hydration on my skin in the day time. I applied nicely on my skin, cooling and refreshing (thanks to the alcohol) but five seconds later, the hydration disappeared from my skin. It seriously does not retain hydration due to its high alcohol content and really does feel like ‘air’, thanks to its name; it does nothing to my skin too….

Overall, this air cream was a big disappointment and I seriously do not recommend this to anyone.  You’d be better off trying the toner but this cream… there’s so many better and more affordable options out there. And they don’t contain high amounts of alcohol!

I got the toner from Althea for RM58 and the Air Cream on Wako Shopee for RM49! If you’re a new customer, use this link for 20% off your first althea order and use the code LIULI224 for RM7 off your first shopee order!

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