Canmake Malaysia New Release Event (Cream cheek 16, Glow fleur cheek 10, powder cheek pw41, perfect stylist eyes 18, perfect multi eyes 04, crayon matte lip, secret beauty base, secret beauty powder) Swatches


Canmake Tokyo is a popular drugstore brand in Japan that is well known for its affordable price point and quality product! I recently attended their newest launch of products last saturday @Happ Cafe and I’m just beyond excited to play with all these new products!


We first did our own DIY dried flower wreath! It was so fun and I’m so impressed by the beautiful dried flowers from Happ Cafe! The cafe is a florist also specializing in dried flowers and needless to say I’m definitely going back for my graduation flowers!


There was also a live makeup demo! The model here is my beautiful friend on Instagram @after.beauty_!


After the live demo, I was genuinely surprised they had an entire food table for us. All of the food were prepared by Happ Cafe as well and I’m just so stunned that not only are they a florist, but the food is so good. I really liked everything from pasta to desserts! Plus the presentation is so pretty?!


Now let’s get down to business! The newest release of products I got from Canmake!


Canmake Cream Cheek 16 Almond Terrocotta @ RM40.50


Canmake Glow Fleur Cheek 10 Terracotta Fleur @ RM45.20


Canmake Powder Cheeks PW41 Antique Rose @ RM42.30


Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes 18 Bitter Sweet Memory @ RM60.30


Canmake Perfect Multi Eyes 04 Classic Pink @ RM49.90


Canmake Crayon Matte Lip 01-03 @ 43.90



Canmake Secret Beauty Base 01 – Clear Natural @ RM59.90

Canmake Secret Beauty Powder 02 Natural @ RM56.50


The secret beauty base serves as a primer and also a night cream! It’s a very interesting and intriguing product that I will most definitely be talking about more often. They also say you can put the primer on along with its Beauty base powder at night! Wanna look cute even if you’re asleep, canmake got you fam! The beauty base powder is a translucent powder to set makeup and keep oil at bay!

I absolutely can’t wait to use all these products in my upcoming makeup tutorials so be sure to stay tuned to my instagram! A big thank you to Canmake Malaysia for giving me these products!

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