The Butterfly Project 6th Birthday Party Event


I’ve started this blog since December of 2016, now it is April 2019 and I feel I’ve only just begun. I’ve been a part of the butterfly bloggers community founded by Tammy since about 2017 but have never really been an active member nor attended events but this year I decided to step out of my comfort zone and finally signed up for the Butterfly birthday party!

This year’s party was the most spectacular and large scale party since it had 100pax of members! Mamasan (Tammy) put it a ton of effort into organizing this year’s party and I definitely enjoyed it!


First up, the event venue was located at Ritze Perdana 2 and the event space was beautifully decorated with balloons from @Theblossomballoons and lit up the space like a magical wedding and covered in stunning flowers from @Avantgardeblooms. There was even a beautiful spot of fresh flowers ranging from roses, baby breaths and more! Super instagrammable! The balloons were also super unique as inside the balloon was flowers and had streamers at the end! Everything felt like a super cute outdoor wedding!20190427_15103220190427_151003

The moment I walked in after registering, there was a booth for unique teas from @tsticksmy; serving all kinds of tea like Peach tea, Zen and Lemon tea, Earl grey and more. These tea sticks are special as you don’t need to tear the packaging apart. They have micro holes on the packaging in which all you need to is submerge the tea sticks in water, and use the tea stick as a spoon to stir as well! Super convenient and innovative. I really liked the peach flavored tea as it tasted really refreshing and had a subtle sweetness. They even allowed every one of us to bring home a box of 15 sticks and I got the Zen green and lemon as it smelt so good and relaxing!


Now my favorite part of any party is most definitely the FOOD table! The buffet table was decorated with beautiful flowers and served with the most aesthetic finger food and appetizers from @jomparty such as Chocolate/caramel/cream tarts, cream puffs, siew mai, chocolate brownies, pretzels platter & cheese, spaghetti, and even mini burgers. My favorite had to be the chocolate brownie and the chocolate tarts (laughs). The food was beautifully presented and tasted super good! Definitely, have to thank Miss Lydia for the wonderful food.


Upon finding my seat I was greeted with my name on a handwritten card with a box of goodies from @yvesrochermy, beautifully painted macarons from @macarons.bymadelaine and even a heart necklace from the butterfly community itself! There was also a cupcake we got to blow out to celebrate Butterfly’s 6th birthday party.


Now I was super lucky and grateful to have been seated (we were randomly assigned seats beforehand) on Table. 9 and was next to these amazing girls! I was next to long time #abcommunity best friend and sabahan @Myrabeautydiary who flew all the way over from KK to attend. I even got to talk with the beautiful and awesomely talented makeup guru friend (we met before but barely had the chance to talk so we ended up talking so much today) @lydia.share, met the funny and kind caroline @mask.matters and even the cute and super friendly @skinbaemy! I had so much fun with them at the table!


The highlight of the entire party had to be the flower crown DIY session. We had so much fun picking our own flowers from @Avantgardeblooms from a ranger of baby breaths, roses, lavender and others! I’ve never been a flowery kind of girl because I get sad to see flowers gone to waste and wilt but these fresh flowers were so pretty and stunning that I really wanted to get some for my own wedding some day (HAHAHHA).

I choose mainly smaller flowers like baby breaths and random leaves with vines for my crown because I had no idea how to stick on the big flowers lol. I struggled with my crown as I lacked creativity and most importantly patience…. But in the end I was pretty satisfied with how mine look! It was simple but it took me almost 40 mins *cries*.

All in all, I wanna say I was super grateful to have been able to attend the butterfly 6th birthday party today and got the chance to meet with so many old friends and make even more new ones. To me the happiest moment was to make friends who shared my passion for beauty and cheers to make even more if I get the chance to attend the next one. It’s been a blast and sincerely, I did not imagine to come so far from where I started.

Sincerely, I definitely have to thanks Mamasan Tammy Lim who made all this possible and founded the butterfly project six years ago and is still passionate and kind till this day for the community. She has been such an inspiration for me as she truly loves and lives for blogging and she has given so many opportunities for small time bloggers around malaysia (like me) in this industry and I wouldn’t be where I am without this community.

Till the next party!


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