A’pieu Madecassoside Fluid Review


The a’pieu madecassodie cream was a big hit all over the kbeauty gram and of course, I had to try out more of their products out! This time I ordered two products from a super affordable shopee seller (Smileouppa.my) and the fluid @ RM25 and the cica gel @ RM35 only!



This product claims to:

  • Repair and heal sensitive skin
  • Calm and soothe sensitive skin
  • Strengthen skin barrier
  • Brightens skin + anti-wrinkle properties


The COSDNA analysis shows that most ingredients are safe and has a good rating only for a few potential triggers like Butylene Glycol and Carbomer.



The usual packaging comes in a classic minimalistic plastic bottle with a pump and 200ml product. They came out with a special version called the Autistar pacakaging and it’s the one i got.




The product comes out in a watery consistency (but slightly thick) and is a milky color that is close to water. It’s scentless.


Its consistency is very watery but still feels a little thick.

I like to apply 2 pumps directly onto my skin and then gently massage into my skin or use a cotton pad soaked in the product and wipe it across my face. It gives a slight cooling, refreshing sensation and really does help with soothing skin. My skin can get irritated and dull after going out so I really enjoy using this product on my skin! It soothes and calms down my irritated skin easily. It also takes only a little time to absorb fully into the skin!


In a nutshell,


  • Lightweight, hydrating
  • Soothing, calming for sensitive and irritated skin
  • Great ingredient list
  • Pump packaging
  • Doesn’t take long to absorb into the skin
  • Affordable


  • N.A

I totally recommend this product to all skin types, especially sensitive skin! It’s a great lightweight hydrating soothing and calming toner. Plus it’s only.. RM25 for 200ml?!

You can get this on Shopee from the seller Smileouppa.my HERE!

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