Matxi Corp. 2nd Year Anniversary and Grand Launch Event


Last Saturday at the glamorous Plenary Hall of KLCC, I had the chance to attend Matxi Corp’s 2nd year anniversary and grand launch event with the attendance of its 2000 distributors across 30 nations! Matxi officially announced its investment into the Malaysian, U.S and Korea markets and I was excited to be there. #MATXICorp #YouDeserveABetterLife

Matxi originated from Vietnam, specializes in business training, human development, helping individuals and businesses to develop outstanding sales with professionals all over the world. In just 2 years, Matxi has more than 20,000 distributors and agents.

Matxi also focuses on several areas such as:

  • Event Organization
  • Functional food and cosmetics
  • Culinary restaurants systems
  • Kid’s retail
  • Printing and Packaging
  • Real Estate

“You deserve a better life.” ….

…. is Matxi’s slogan in striving for a better life and bringing practical value through products and services. Matxi aims to be the best for its customers and stakeholders.


Of course, I got to check out some of Matxi’s products before entering the hall. They were under the line called MAX HEALTH, which ranges from Collagen/Tongkat Ali drinks to weight loss support and many more.


When we finally entered the event hall, the event started with a beautiful and mesmerizing dance show with techno. LED themes. I also heard the group that performed was the same team that is featured on America’s got talent.


We were then shown a welcome speech and of course performances that showcased the culture of Vietnam and Malaysia.


We were introduced to some of the key persons at Matxi which started with Mr. Matthew James, Business Development Director at Matxi. He introduced some of Matxi’s key products as well. We were also introduced to the other CEOs of Matxi such as Mr. Luck Kim from Korea, Ms. Jenny from USA, Mr. Kenny Teoh of Malaysia.

IMG_1909IMG_1910IMG_1911IMG_1912IMG_1913IMG_1914Of course the most important person was founder and CEO of Matxi Corp. Vietnam, Ms Le Thi Hong Nhung. Born in 1990, she is a Billionaire and a self-made entrepreneur.

Interestingly, her story is nothing ordinary of a billionaire. She was born from a poor family and was very much in debt. In university, she started her hand at selling teddy bears. Soon later, she ventured out into the f&b industry by opening her own restaurants and eventually a Korean BBQ restaurant. Shortly after that, when she visited Malaysia she found the potential for detox slimming products in the Malaysian market and brought the concept over to Vietnam, where she started Matxi Corp.



The event followed with more techno. LED dance performances and then the Leader Distributors Award Ceremony in which the top-performing distributors were awarded on stage.


I loved how they even had cultural dances with flags!


The event ended soon after that I was thoroughly impressed with Matxi and its distributors for their achievements.

You can learn more about Matxi through the below links:


Instagram @Matxicorp



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