ID.AZ Dermastic Bright Fit, Water Fit and Gold Fit Mask Review

ID.AZ, is a Korean brand that specializes in the research of facial contour. They have about 18 years of experience in the beauty industry and 60,000 clinical cases. As you can tell, they know what they are doing.

Today, I’m excited to share with you guys my thoughts on some of ID.AZ’s popular sheet masks – namely the ID.AZ DERM Bright Fit Mask, Water Fit Mask and Golden Fit Mask.

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ID.AZ Water Fit Mask



The Water Fit masks is supposedly to help with deeply moisturizing skin. It is also supposed to be thinner than usual masks as with the name ‘skinny fit mask’.


It is indeed a sheet mask made of a very thin material that soaks up all the juicy essence! There is also a netting at the back to make it easier to separate the sheet mask when applying onto the skin.


This sheet mask really did help moisturize my parched skin. It feels slightly cooling and the watery essence is just super soothing and hydrating on the skin. 20 minutes after, my skin felt revived and ready for the day! The essence doesn’t feel sticky or greasy which is something I love. Definitley recommend this to all skin types, even if you are oily and/or live in humid weahter!

ID.AZ Bright Fit Mask



The bright fit mask is meant for brightening your skin effectively with a microfiber sheet mask that adheres to the skin nicely. Notable ingredients include pearl extract, allatoin and witch hazel! After about 20 mins, my skin is definitely hydrated, soothed and I could see that my skin was a little bit brighter.

ID.AZ Gold Fit Mask


The gold fit mask is a hydrogel mask that contains honey, propolis, allantoin, ceramide and of course, GOLD. The hydrogel mask is gold colored and has a nice smell to it, plus super reflective.


This is me with the mask on with FLASH.


It’s definitely a unique mask, nontheless a gold mask. I applied this on for about 20 mins and my skin looks really hydrated! I’d say it’s definitely something interesting to try out and definiely great for group sleepovers and snapchatting! However, the effect as compared to the bright fit and water fit mask, I feel is less obvious. The gold fit mask doesn’t give a really hydrating feel i get from the bright fit or water fit mask, not to mention it’s also more expensive. However, it still gives a nice hydrating effect though.


In a nutshell, all the ID.AZ masks definitely exceeded my expectations. They really hydrated, moisturized and plumped my skin really well. Of course, if I were to rank them my favorite would be the (1) Water Fit Mask, (2) Bright Fit Mask and (3) Gold Fit Mask. I definitely recommend the ID.AZ masks to anyone who is looking for a good sheet mask to try out and is within their budget.

If you’d like to try these, you can head on over to the link below:

Watsons Malaysia

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