[Major B] A’pieu Juicy Pang Mousse Tint Review


A’pieu has been a popular, long-standing Korean brand with a strong presence its overseas markets such as U.S. and Southeast Asia. Especially with its success last year with its popular Madecassoside line, where they produce products with Madecassoside/Centella Asiatica targeted for sensitive, acne-prone skin. I even did a review on the Madecassoside Fluid, Madecassoside Cica Gel, and the Madecassoside Cream.

Now, A’pieu has been pretty popular over its makeup line as well and of course I was overly excited for its newest lip series, a mousse version of the amazingly popular A’pieu Juicy Pang Water Tint.


Today, I’ve collaborated with Major B, a Malaysian based business that sends kbeauty right to your doorstep – to swatch 5 colors of these babies and see how it looks on me and decided if you’d like to get it for yourself (which you totally should because these are so affordable!).


Of course, If you’d like to see a youtube video of these babies in action just go this link for the full lip porn yo.



These tints are super unique as they combine ‘water’ finish and ‘velvet’ finish to get the kinda-dewy looking finish but a velvet, lightweight texture.



These tints smell a lot like sweet candy with a fruity touch!!!!



This is a nude brownish pink color that is truly unique and not very common in korean lipstick shades. However, it’s still super pretty and definitely a bestselling shade for a reason.




This is a warm-toned MLBB reddish-brown shade that is perfect for everyday wear. It’s definitely a classic coral reddish MLBB color.




#CR03 is a darker reddish prune shade that reminds me of grapes or dragonfruits.



MVI_2049.00_05_14_07.Still013 - Copy

This is a beautiful bright berry red color that suits all skin tones. It’s not too bright nor too deep and definitely is the red lip every girl needs.

MVI_2049.00_06_17_14.Still014 - CopyMVI_2049.00_06_33_23.Still015



This is a true baby pinkish color that reminds me of strawberries and cream! It’s not super bright like a fuschia pink but indeed a wearable pink.


Staying Power

While the tints are as pigmented and creamy as they are, they, of course, do transfer pretty easily and won’t last through brunch. However, they leave a really strong tint. This is my arm after using a wet makeup remover wipe and showering… it’s still there!


In a nutshell,

The A’pieu Juicy Pang Mousse Tints live up to their expectations are surely worth your investment. Not only are they pigmented, hydrating and lightweight, they are also really affordable just like all A’pieu products.

You can get it HERE on Major B’s website if you are in Malaysia, and for those outside of Malaysia, you can purchase it on Yesstyle at 5% off using the code ‘HONEYBS’! 

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