I’m a college student with a passion for immersing myself in layers of essences, sheet masks and sleeping packs, enjoys researching the ever-evolving k-beauty products and helping others realize the ultimate happiness in slathering on a $20 wash off mask and putting on tattoos for your eyebrows.

I enjoy writing reviews of products I’ve used and tried, as well as getting everyone in on what’s new in the crazy Korean skincare and makeup community. I enjoy doing this as a hobby and is under no obligation to force readers to purchase products I’ve reviewed and recommended. I am just a passionate nut for slathering on honey and snails on mah face – and am I no way a professional beauty consultant.

Here’s my skin type to know if you’re my skin twin or at least have a few similarities: Combination, hormonal acne (I usually just get small zits around my mouth instead of pus filled pimples on my face), sensitive.

I tend to avoid Benzoyl Peroxide (At all costs because I got a very serious allergic reaction to it even though I could tolerate it when I was in my teens) but I can still use many products, just keep in mind I have to be a little careful.  When I was in my teens I had really really oily skin, tons of acne and PIH which aren’t surprising considering the only thing I used was the Cetaphil cleanser and didn’t even have a moisturizer. Years later I have prospered and awakened from my wrong doings and have been blessed by the /rasianbeauty reddit sub and am now a full grown adult who can take care of her skin without feeling like shit every single day. I don’t have to put on cakey foundation or pick on my blemishes anymore now that my skin has improved a lot compared to back then.

I hope that everyone struggling with their own skin problems can realize that everything takes time and do not ever lose confidence or hope in improving their own skin and lifestyle! Do not hesitate to seek help and ask for advice! the people on the /rasianbeauty sub are all really nice and once you get to know them you will know they are all angels sharing the passion of curing your skin with Korean goodness.