– Your mileage may vary

Everyone’s skin and lifestyle vary greatly – therefore it is only logical to accept that the products I recommend may not work for your skin. But that doesn’t mean you have to stray away from trying out stuff in fear of adverse effects and wasting your money because well there is these amazing little pockets of happiness called – Samples. If you’ve had a history of getting irritated by skincare products easily, sensitive skin, don’t want to commit to a full sized product that you may or may not like – def try to get your hands on samples first.

Or you can be like me – YOLO – You only live once…. so i will order that full sized chemical exfoliant in hopes of not breaking out on me. Only to have my fears come true and end up wasting money and have my skin cry for the holy goodness of honey and snails. I’d recommend everyone to patch test a new product first and don’t try out multiple new products at the same time so you can know which product is making you break out.

Most importantly – take beauty and skincare as something you enjoy doing instead of a boring obligation for clear looking skin. If your goals are to have clear skin that glows like Song Hye Kyo – it is time to face reality and accept that is a damn near impossible feat as most often we are not perfect human beings (but Song hye ko… She’s a goddess, that’s different). Although it may be possible with hard work and commitment in the near future – always remember that everything takes time and you should enjoy the process instead of being hung up on end results.