Colourpop Yes Please Palette Review


This post has been long overdue as I first got the Colourpop Yes Please palette around Christmas last year and half a year has already flown by. I’ve been so busy with everything that I totally forgot about this palette! This was awarded some kind of ‘hottest 2017’ palette award thing I think (i saw their insta stories) and I can definitely see why! This is only USD16 for 12 colors which are super bang for your buck, plus look at all those beautiful colors!


Photo 10-01-2018, 2 27 06 PMPhoto 10-01-2018, 2 31 04 PMPhoto 10-01-2018, 2 31 20 PMPhoto 10-01-2018, 2 31 38 PM

First off, I was very confused when this was first launched and the girls on Instagram (I’m sorry i don’t remember their names) kept showing this palette on insta stories and the packaging clearly said ‘cute af’. I was like ‘they said yes please, but the packaging says cute af…. what why….’. After I finally got my palette, I finally understood it was just the packaging lol. The palette comes in 12 pressed powder shadows.


Photo 10-01-2018, 2 31 38 PMIMG_0927Photo 10-01-2018, 4 02 14 PM

The colors are all extremely pretty, however i do realize that there is quite some fallout on some shades, especially the ‘big cocktails’ shade. That shade in particular has the most fallout.


Some of the shades were harder to swatch, meaning their pigmentation was not that good – e.g. Mischief, full zip. Other shades were more pigmented e.g. Louie, note to self. As with most drugstore products, there isn’t much consistency with every shade – however with a price of $16 for 12 shades, that is to be expected.

Close up of the shades above.

I also did a sunset eyeshadow look using the palette above, you may view the video tutorial HERE on my Instagram!



  • Affordable, only $16
  • Wide range of 12 beautiful, warm summery shades
  • Slim and compact
  • Travel friendly


  • Pigmentation for each shade varies
  • Quite some fallout
  • Some shades are really hard to swatch due to lack of pigmentation
  • Does not come with a mirror


All in all, I am super in love with the shades and the overall use of this palette. The range of shades are very warm, peachy and summer. A really good range of shades for only $16, despite the variance in pigmentation and payoff. I feel that if you like experimenting with makeup looks and like warm, summery shades – this is most definitely something to pick up. However, if you’re more to an everyday-makeup look girl, or don’t really play around with makeup much – you won’t really have a use for this palette (you’d probs be better off with the Tarte Tartiest pro to go palette I reviewed here). If you’re picky about quality, pigmentation and fallout, then you probs wouldn’t like this either. But I feel this is a really good palette for anyone on a budget in my opinion and I have used this palette multiples times in my make up tutorials on my Instagram.

If you’re interested in this you can get this palette for only USD16, or at a discounted price of USD 11 (with my referral code)! You get $5 off on your first purchase 😉


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